Come ravvivare i capelli ricci spenti
How to revive dull curly hair?

Dull curls lacking vitality and definition? We know how frustrating it can be to see the amazing results of the wash day disappear within a few days, if not a few hours!

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praying hands method
The Praying Hands Method: what is it?

Frizz is always just around the corner and definition fades in a few hours? There is a simple way that can revolutionise your curly hair care routine and give you amazing results: the Praying Hands Method.

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Fitagem: come ottenere capelli ricci sani, definiti e morbidi
Fitagem: how to get healthy, defined and soft curly hair

Imagine being able to transform your curls in an explosion of harmony and strength, enhancing every single wave or curl. It is right here that the Fitagem technique comes into play: a real ally, even for the health of curly hair!

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come proteggere ricci dal cloro
How to protect curls from chlorine

Do you want to swim in the pool but do not know how to protect your curls from chlorine? Follow the valuable advice of our Curly Hair Expert to avoid finding yourself with dry, brittle, dull, prone to breakage and split ends!

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come sistemare i ricci in 5 minuti
How to fix curls in 5 minutes?

Are you in a hurry and you only have 5 minutes to better fix your curls for a commitment or an important date? Don’t panic: with the right tricks, products and techniques, you can get defined and voluminous curly hair in no time.

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cute secca irritata forfora
Dry, irritated skin and dandruff? 4 solutions to remedy

For those with curly hair, dry, irritated skin with dandruff can become particularly frustrating: the annoying white scales that fall "snow effect" on the shoulders can in fact fit even between the strands causing even more discomfort and embarrassment.

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