Capelli secchi cause e rimedi
Dry hair: causes and remedies

Excessive dryness and frizz are among the most common problems for those with curly hair: in addition to making it more dull and dehydrated, they also cause a greater tendency for knots to form, thus complicating its management and definition.

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How to take care of afro hair

Do you want to know how to best look after your afro hair? Here are the right tips for you!

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Best 3 styles for short and curly hair

You have an important dinner or a special event coming up and you’re not sure what to do with your short curly hair? Don’t worry, there are lots of great solutions for you too.

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How to define your curls with Finger Coils

With curly hair, this can happen: some strands look more defined than others in a hair that, on the whole, does not manage to be well homogeneous.

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How to combat frizzy and fuzzy hair

Curly and wavy hair often has particularly frizzy areas or uneven volume in all parts of the head. Find out how to control frizz and puffiness!

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Men’s curly and frizzy hair: how to treat it

Men's and women's hair have different texture: find out how to fight frizz on curly hair

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