As with men’s or women’s curly hair cuts, children’s curly hair cuts also follow the latest trends and fashions but stand out for two main keywords: simplicity and practicality!

That’s right because while enhancing curly locks is child’s play for us curly and wavy hair experts, when it comes to children’s curly hair cuts it is important to prioritise solutions that make their hair easy to look after also at home, particularly at the most crucial times of day: before taking them to school and when they get home after hours of playing and movement.

It is also important to differentiate by age group:

  • for nursery school children with curly hair we recommend choosing a natural curly cut that enables you to manage their hair in an easy, stress-free way;
  • for bigger children, particularly kids of 7 to 11, you can push the boat out a little more with fashionable personalised cuts.

Keep reading this post to discover the new 2022 curly haircut trends for I Love Riccio children!

CurlyKids Charlie Nourishing Mask

Nourishing and detangling mask with an anti-wrinkle formula for nourished and soft curls.

CurlyKids Ariel Hydrating Shampoo

Gentle soothing with no-tears formula for moisturised and soft curls.

CurlyKids Lou Modelling Cream

Elasticising anti-frizz styling cream with anti-frizz formula for defined and shiny curls.

Beach waves

This style, which exalts the natural movement of the hair to create waves reminiscent of the sea, is a great choice for children.
Particularly in girls, this cut allows their hair to follow its natural movement, requiring just a few little adjustments in terms of volume to prevent too much frizz from forming on the top of the head.
Beach waves for kids are very practical because they enhance curls and their natural movement.
Another trick is to combine them with a mid-short length so the hair is easier to look after and the delicate process of washing their curls is easier to manage.

It is important to remember that shampooing is a source of stress for children.
Using the right products, which gently wash their hair without irritating the eyes, is the first step on the path to success!

Discover the range of products designed to take care of children’s curly hair in our shop.
If you want to emphasise your child’s beach waves, choose the I Love Riccio Curly Kids hydrating shampoo and nourishing and detangling mask, for light and full-bodied curly and wavy hair with lots of volume!
Delicate cleansing and easy-to-comb hair, free of knots, will be the key to a successful shampoo!

Pixie curls

Pixie curls are ideal for both boys and girls because with their short cut they enhance curls without eliminating their natural movement and are also easy to manage during washing and styling.

They can be personalised with a few wavy locks, details that children often ask for themselves to be more fashionable!

For perfect pixie curls it is important to get professional assistance because the use of razors that could compromise the movement and natural kink of curly hair is strongly discouraged, particularly when it comes to children’s hair.

Curly bob

The curly bob is a lovely mid-length layered cut that really showcases curly hair.
For girls, particularly those with wavy hair, it remains a highly popular timeless classic that is also very easy to look after and maintain.
To give the cut structure, the hairdresser will work on different lengths and create a layered bob, with well-distributed volumes, that is not overly aggressive.
In this case the exclusive X-CURL® cut, perfect for both adults and children, is an ideal solution.
In this way you’ll avoid overly marked layers that risk creating steps that are difficult to manage, particularly on the top of the head.
The curly bob is an ideal cut for the majority of girls with curly hair because it makes it possible to evenly distribute the weight of the hair and, in mid-lengths, to arrange it in braids, ponytails or buns, which are particularly popular with little girls!

To give your child’s curly hair the right definition, finish styling with the special curly hair modelling cream from the I Love Riccio Curly Kids line, a hydrating and elasticising cream with natural and organic ingredients that revitalises the natural movement of curly hair, eliminating the frizz effect.
For perfect definition and control at all times!

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