To keep curly hair consistently well defined, it is essential to commit to a consistent care routine and use the appropriate products. This commitment also requires time in our daily routine, which is necessary to perform all the Wash Day steps, from washing to styling and drying.

Unfortunately, it is common knowledge that not all of us always have enough time during our hectic and busy days to perform a complete and perfect Curly Routine.

However, there is a technique to maintain defined curls even in the days following Wash Day, avoiding the need to repeat the entire wash and styling routine: it is the refresh method.

Refreshers are products formulated with light, moisturizing textures suitable for revitalizing curls without weighing them down, and they allow the hair to be redefined in a matter of minutes.

Refreshing curly hair can be done in 2 ways, depending on the product you choose to use:

  1. With dampened hair: in this case, it is necessary to wet the hair before applying the product. An effective method is to use a sprayer to mist water on the hair. Then apply a small amount of product to the lengths, distributing evenly among the strands. Alternatively, you can dilute the product in water to create a solution to be sprayed directly onto the hair. Floo Cream is perfectly suited to this mode of use, providing an immediate revitalizing effect.
  2. On dry hair: for those seeking an even more immediate refresh in terms of time but without sacrificing optimal results, there are specific products that can be used directly on dry hair. The Magic Curl Reactivator is suitable for this type of application. It will be necessary to spray it directly on curly or wavy hair for a quick reviving effect on the hair.

In both cases, after applying the product, it will be necessary to style the hair with your hands to best define it, using techniques such as scrunch and/or finger coil.

The final step to revitalize the curls will be to dry them: either in the open air or with a hair dryer and diffuser.



Scrunch for styling after applying Refresh

Returning to the main topic of this article, namely dry hair refresh, if you are looking for an ideal product the Magic Curl Reactivator is the ready-to-use Refresh Spray with quick application and instant effect.

It can be sprayed on both dry and wet hair and ensures instantly more hydrated and defined curls between washes. Thanks to the synergistic combination of avocado, apricot, sunflower, coconut and aloe vera oils, it helps revive curls with just one application. It is not necessary to moisten the hair before use. But if you prefer to dampen them as per your habit, you can do so: in fact, the Magic Curl Reactivator can be used both on dry hair and wet hair.

How is it used? Three steps are all it takes: spray the product all over the hair, then gently work the strands with your fingers to help evenly distribute the product over the lengths and scrunch.

Scrunching is a styling technique used to define and enhance the natural shape of curls. The term “scrunch” comes from the act of squeezing or curling hair strands with your hands, giving them a more defined shape.

Here’s how to perform it:

  • Divide into sections: separate the hair into small sections and be sure to apply product to each strand.
  • Perform scrunching: crumple the curls in the palm of your hand and squeeze them close to the skin repeatedly. This will help distribute the product evenly.

The styling step is indeed very important when doing the refresh: just spraying product on the hair is not enough. In fact, curly and wavy hair will have to be redefined strand by strand, following the technique you are used to. The final step will be blow-drying.

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The right drying to do the refresh correctly

The drying step is very important as it helps to give more definition and volume to the hair.

There are different methods for drying curly and wavy hair, it all depends on your hair type and the final effect you want to achieve.

We always recommend that you test the various drying methods, depending on your needs, and then choose the one you are most comfortable with and get the best result.

Using blow dryers and diffusers can make drying faster, but beware: drying them absent-mindedly could cause the dreaded frizz and cause direct damage to the hair structure.

Here, then, are some best practices to adhere to:

  • Minimize the time hair is exposed to direct heat from the blow dryer;
  • Never touch the hair with your hands while drying;
  • Do not bring the diffuser too close to the scalp.

Always remember to choose professional hair dryer and diffuser to best enhance your curls.

But is upside-down or upside-down drying better? There is no single correct method. Try alternating the two approaches: over time you will be able to determine the best option for you, but it is essential to experiment on your own hair and observe the progress.

Another very effective drying method is plopping. After using your favorite styling product, create a turban with a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel. Then carefully gather all the hair in the center until it forms a turban on the top of your head (you may need pliers or clips to secure it behind the nape of your neck). Hold for about an hour and let it air dry. The plopping technique is not recommended if you are doing a refresh; in that case, better to use a blow dryer or air dry.