Some locks seem more defined than others in a hairstyle which, all in all, isn’t very uniform? These problems are quite common with curly and wavy hair.

The best thing to do to prevent your hair from lacking elasticity and definition is to use a suitable styling technique, like the one we are going to tell you about in this post.

We are talking about Finger Coils, a targeted styling method for reviving and giving definition to rebellious locks, creating curls with your own hands!

In fact, as the name suggests, this technique is based on coiling your hair around your fingers.

Our fingers are a great tool for adding definition to our curly hair – we have already told you about the importance of knowing how to use your hands to obtain your desired style in other posts.

Keep reading to find out how to apply your favourite styling product and how to add definition to your hair with the perfect scrunch!

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Applying styling product

After washing your hair focus on applying your styling product, making sure to distribute your chosen treatment all over your hair.

The correct application of the styling product is a crucial step in the Finger Coil method so don’t rush it.

Divide your hair into sections to make the process easier and take single locks previously treated with product and twist them around your finger, from root to ends.

Continue the procedure on all of your hair, focusing particularly on the locks closest to your face, which must be tighter to achieve more defined curls in that area.


After twisting all of your locks, it is time to scrunch.

Scrunching is a very important step in your curly hair beauty routine and consists of taking your hair in your hands and squeezing it hard, working upwards towards the root.

This manual technique enables you to enhance the efficacy of the styling products used previously to define your curls.

You can scrunch several times to accentuate your hairstyle while drying and create your desired look.

After scrunching it is time for the hair dryer and diffuser: when it is dry, your hair will have lots of body and definition!

To conclude this post, here are a few additional tips to bear in mind when it comes to your type of curly or wavy hair:

  • If you have type 3 curls, Finger Coiling is even more effective because this kind of hair adapts better than others to the style you give it with your fingers. Moreover, if you treat your curly hair with appropriate products and techniques, over time it will probably curl more easily.
  • In some cases it isn’t even necessary to coil all of your hair; for example, you might decide to only coil the hair above the neck where generally speaking curly hair is less defined.
  • If, on the other hand, you have type 4 curls, which tend to be more rebellious, you should make Finger Coiling a habitual part of your Curly Styling Routine!
  • Meanwhile, Finger Coiling is not recommended if your curls lack volume and your goal is specifically that of increasing volume.
  • Of course, simply twisting your hair around your fingers isn’t enough on its own! For Finger Coils to work properly and help you achieve well-defined curls, you need to look after your hair every day, using the best treatments for your hair type and following all the steps, from shampooing to styling, to ensure perfect results.

Give your curly hair unparalleled definition thanks to the I Love Riccio tips for perfect Finger Coils!

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