When seasonal flu hits, our curly and wavy hair can also lose some of its sparkle.
If you don’t take the right measures, the risk is that your hair will continue to look dull and flat a long time after you have got better. Check out the practical tips in this post and make sure your curly hair looks perfect even after the flu!

Keep reading this post to discover:

  • why hair tends to get dirtier when we are unwell;
  • how to revitalise it after the flu;
  • what measures to take to restore the beauty, body and volume of your hair.
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Why our hair tends to get dirty when we have the flu

When we come down with seasonal flu we can also develop high fevers which often increase our body temperature quite significantly.
In these cases, it is normal practice to use specific antipyretic drugs to keep our body temperature low.

These medicines are very effective against fevers but in return facilitate two processes that negatively impact on our hair.
Firstly, they help activate the sebaceous glands attached to our hair follicles and secondly, as a consequence of this, they increase the production of sebum, resulting in oily, greasy and often smelly hair.
Fatigue and fever often also diminish our appetite, reducing our intake of nutrients like vitamins, trace elements and amino acids.
Unsurprisingly, the fewer vitamins and trace elements we consume, the more our hair appears brittle and dull. The upshot is inevitably an increase in hair loss with greater damage to our bulbs.

Curls will tend to lose their definition and flatten out due to all the hours spent lying in bed or in a non-upright position. The result will be dull, lifeless hair with little definition and all the problems outlined above caused by the use of medicines.

Tips for revitalising curls during the flu

As you gradually recover your strength and feel better, you can also start looking after your curly or wavy hair by adopting these simple measures. Simple measures that will nonetheless make a great difference following a season illness:

  • Hydrate your hair with nourishing and protein-rich masks to repair damage and prevent your hair from becoming excessively dry;
  • Use cosmetic products for curly hair containing minerals like magnesium and zinc, for example our Delight Milk, a mask with hydrolyzed collagen and trace elements like magnesium, zinc, copper and iron;
  • Catch up on your sleep and rest, key for the health and wellbeing of our tissues;
  • Drink lots of water to restore the optimal hydration of your skin and tissues;

You’ll see that by following these tips your hair will soon be radiant, elastic, strong and above all vibrant again!

Solutions for revitalising your curly hair

When you have the flu listen to the needs of your body and carefully follow the instructions of your GP, also to prevent your symptoms and illness for dragging on.
Looking after your appearance is of secondary importance because your convalescence must be entirely dedicated to recovering your strength and getting the vitamins and minerals you need to get back to full health.

When you are feeling better, all you need to do is follow the tips in the previous paragraph, choosing highly nourishing and hydrating products that will help restore the body and volume of your curls within just a few short days.

One of the simplest solutions is to drink lots of water.
Curly hair becomes dehydrated very easily, appearing dull, dry and very frizzy as a consequence.
When you are feverish, the increased sweating also caused by antipyretic drugs can lead to dehydration, which is why the first thing to do is consume lots of water.

As you feel better and better, and by using the right cleansing and styling products, your hair will gradually reacquire its body, volume and definition.
Spending less and less time lying down will also help in this process.

When we have the flu and don’t feel well it seems like our hair will never look the same again, but don’t worry!
We at I Love Riccio are Italy’s leading curly haircare experts and thanks to our tips and the knowhow of our Curly Hair Experts your hair will regain all of its vitality!

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