Hair conditioner is a fundamental part of any curly haircare routine!

We often think that it is possible to obtain optimum results for our hair using just shampoo.

But this is wrong because shampoo on its own is not enough if you want amazing looking hair.

At I Love Riccio we understand the importance of every single product we suggest using as part of your beauty routine if you want full-bodied and voluminous hair with wonderful ultra-defined and elastic curls.

Keep reading this post to find out everything there is to know about conditioner:

  • its properties;
  • when to use it;
  • which one to choose.
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Conditioner has a very important function, that of closing the cuticles and scales of the hair after shampooing.

Thanks to the action of the steam that forms with hot water, during shampooing the hair tends to open up and become “electric”.

The main function of shampoo is to cleanse.

The ingredients in shampoo, which are very effective against dirt, can at the same time also be very damaging to the hair shaft, altering the balance of the scalp and changing the appearance of the hair.

Which risks becoming very dry without the subsequent application of conditioner.

It is this step, after washing your hair, which will help you to eliminate static and make your hair easy to comb and style.

Thanks to the use of conditioner, your hair will once again be elastic, combable and more manageable when styling.

The formula of every conditioner contains different ingredients with specific functions, dedicated to a specific problem/requirement of your hair.

In the case of curly hair, it is good practice to choose a product specifically designed for your hair type, one which enhances its natural movement without smoothing out your curls.

When should it be used?

Conditioner is applied after you have rinsed out your shampoo.

Unlike shampoo, the main function of which is to cleanse the scalp and only subsequently the lengths of the hair, conditioner is applied with a delicate massage only to the lengths, unless the product is specifically designed also to be applied to the scalp.

This detail is even more important in the case of curly hair because the nourishing and repairing action of the conditioner risks weighing down the hair at the roots, compromising the volumizing effect and the support for the hairstyle.

The majority of conditioners must be thoroughly rinsed out after the recommended waiting time, however there are also “leave-in” products which are not designed to be rinsed out after being applied.

Once you have washed your hair with shampoo, remove the excess water by lightly patting with a towel in microfibre, a fabric particularly indicated for curly hair to avoid amplifying the static effect.

At this point, with your head down, distribute the product with your fingers, using them like a comb, squeezing your locks firmly to help the product penetrate.

Leave in for the recommended waiting time. If you wish to amplify the effect you can wrap your hair in the microfibre towel to prevent the natural heat of the hair from dissipating.

Which one to choose?

The most important thing to consider when choosing the right conditioner is your hair type!
As we have already underlined, conditioner is designed to perform specific functions. It is usually combined with a shampoo, a complementary product which despite having a different function enhances the effect of the conditioner.

However, it is best to avoid “2 in 1” shampoo and conditioner products because using these treatments individually greatly enhances their effect on the hair.

Conditioners vary depending on the type of results they guarantee on the hair:

  • volumizing, specifically for thin or fine hair that needs extra styling support;
  • restructuring, enriched with specific ingredients for repairing damaged hair deep down;
  • hydrating, with natural ingredients that improve the product’s hydration capacity on the hair, facilitating the formation of an invisible protective film that prevents the dispersion of the water retained by the hair during drying;
  • on the basis of hair type, e.g. straight or curly, with specific ingredients for maintaining the characteristics of the hair and enhancing them during drying;
  • for coloured hair, with ingredients that protect against the atmospheric agents and the heat of hair dryers to help preserve the beauty and shine of the dye.

There are also conditioners designed to look after your hair in specific situations, such as on the beach, where the main function is to restore the hydration lost as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun and thoroughly remove traces of salt – or chlorine from swimming pools – that excessively dry out the hair to the point of damaging it.

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