Autumn winter 2022 fashion trend collection

Colour, comfort and style are the key fashion trends for the autumn-winter.

Just when we thought we had come through the pandemic that had stymied us for two years, the Russian-Ukrainian war broke out during the various fashion weeks.

Fashion seeks to encourage and send positive messages with its colours and designs, almost as if to exorcise the negativity that surrounds us. Because if it is true that the things we wear can impact our mood and our cognitive abilities, than wearing vibrant colours and well-structured clothes can make us feel more protected and optimistic in times of adversity.

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what the colours of the autumn-winter will be;

what fabrics to choose to stay on-trend;

what clothes we’ll be wearing in the autumn-winter season.

The first bit of good news is that many of last winter’s trends will continue to prevail in the forthcoming season. Fashion seems to be becoming more sustainable: no more throwaway fast fashion but informed and gratifying purchasing choices.

To remain on-trend all we’ll have to do is open our closet and supplement our outfits with ad hoc pieces, without having to revolutionise our entire wardrobe.

Get a pen and paper because there are some garments we won’t be able to do without.

Autumn winter 2022 colours

While leaving plenty of space for black and all shades of brown, from camel to scorched earth, the colours of this autumn-winter’s clothes are vibrant, almost joyous.

First and foremost shocking pink, the base colour for the entire Valentino fashion show, and not only.

Barbie pink isn’t only used for little accessories but dominates entire outfits, from shoes to stockings and through to coats, without forgetting bags. A real barrier against negativity, perfect for recharging the batteries.

Don’t worry if such a striking colour isn’t to your taste because pale pink was just as ubiquitous on the catwalk, also in ethereal floral patterns, such as the cloak covered with flowers that one of the Graces offers Venus in the famous painting by Botticelli.

Red is no longer just a festive Christmas shade but a colour to wear every day. A cross between a sports garment and a long evening gown, Gucci, in collaboration with Adidas, presents its red dress, a guaranteed winner.

Latex boots, stay-ups, leather or cloth jackets with black trim, coats, voile dresses, miniskirts, any style and any type of clothing has its version in red. Even the most sceptical among you will fall in love with it.

White is one of the most fashionable colours of the winter. Chic, proud and pure, a true symbol of peace.

Lots of outerwear in this colour was paraded on the runway during the various fashion weeks.

Oversize or fitted coats, with haute couture shoulders and sleeves, perhaps fastened with a single jewel button to give the garment an extra touch of class. Also dresses, trousers and boots to complete a pure total look.

Aquamarine, both elegant and relaxing at the same time, becomes part of the autumn wardrobe.

Finally, orange, violet and lots of graphical patterns.

Autumn winter 2022 fabrics

The autumn season fabrics include smooth velvet for elegant and alluring dresses and coats but also corduroy for sportier and more everyday outfits.

Wool makes an appearance in tartan with lots of designers creating blends that form really interesting patchwork outfits. A fun new way of wearing a classic fabric.

Cloth is another of the autumn fabrics because it is warm and excellent for creating jackets and coats.

For dresses we have silk and cotton voile: the dresses are soft, light, multi-layered and ripple with movement, creating harmonious and feminine forms.

Lighter fabrics are combined with heavier ones to create eye-catching combinations, as if all the seasons are brought together in a dress or outfit.

Knitwear has an important role to play this season with long and baggy hand-stitched cardigans, jumpers and dresses for an easy, comfortable and alluring style.

Leather is the must-have of the season, forming a total look with dresses, coats, skirts and jackets. The mood isn’t austere, as you might think, because the colour effects reduce the rigour we tend to associate with leather garments. Those that love to sparkle can opt for latex that fits like a glove.

Finally, denim remains on-trend, even if revisited in patchwork style or embellished with rhinestones and pearls to show that this is no longer the trouser fabric of gold miners but, on the contrary, a fine fabric that can also be worn on elegant occasions.

What are the garments of this autumn-winter?

The must-have of this autumn-winter season is the white cotton tank top. Yes that’s right, the good old vest. To pair with skirts in fine lightweight fabrics, coloured leather trousers or classic black trousers. Perfect under knitted cardigans, bomber jackets and also leather jackets. A priceless classic, also available at modest prices.

Those that love skirts can choose between pencil skirts, as fashionable as ever, and flared skirts, the trend of the season. There are no half measures when it comes to length: it is either midi skirt or miniskirt. Lots of fabrics available: thin and embroidered, heavy wool, coloured leather.

To wear with a camel-coloured round neck jumper to bring out their beauty.

The coats cater for all tastes: from oversize men’s designs for the more sporty to shocking pink for fashionistas, but also red, orange and white. Camelhair coats are embellished with decorations and modern cuts. The knitted coat has an intriguing allure when enriched with fake fur collars.

A leather garment is a must-have addition to any closet: a trouser suit, trousers, gilet, skirts and coats not only in black but also in bright colours that underline our need for positivity and joy.

For those who like to push the boat out a little more, visible stay-ups, black or coloured, are the trend of the season. Worn under miniskirts, they are sure to catch the eye.

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