A short cut is an excellent choice for curly hair in the summer because it cools you down while enabling you to wear your hair loose and free, even on the warmest days.

It is also a very practical choice for those who frequently wash their hair because it is easy to dry and style.

When you have curly hair you are always worried about cutting off that extra centimetre that might compromise the natural movement of your locks, resulting in an unattractive and widespread frizz effect.

Keep reading this post and you will discover that there is a wide variety of short curly cuts from which to choose and that finding a short curly cut that really makes you feel good about yourself is not an impossible task if you take your specific type of curls as your starting point.

To be confident about your choice of short cut and maintaining it moving forward, going to a hairdresser that specialises in treating and enhancing curly hair is certainly the first step to take.

As well as choosing the cut on the basis of your hair type, it will also be important to take account of your face shape and the overall effect that will be achieved once you have reduced your lengths.

A specialist hairdresser will be able to suggest a hairstyle that suits your face and your kind of curls, performing the best cut on your curly hair on the basis of your locks and your look.

The I Love Riccio Salons are definitely the best place to come to choose a short cut for your curly hair because thanks to our 20 years of experience in taking care of curly hair we are well aware of your expectations and the errors to avoid with your hair!

Asymmetrical haircuts

Asymmetrical cuts for short curly hair are perfect for type 2 wavy hair and type 3 curly hair.

You might not believe it, but these are great cuts for curly hair because they showcase the natural waves, the movement and the structure of curly hair better than others.

Messy and with different types of locks of variable lengths, they are the perfect solution for those that like a spunky, youthful look.

We recommend choosing a cut which alternates long and short locks; alternatively, cuts with long locks on one side and shorter hair on the other also look really great.

Be wary about styles that involve completely cropping one side of your head.

Though asymmetrical, this kind of cut eliminates the curls on the shaved side and it is more difficult to go back when you decide to change look.

Short curly hair cuts: Pixie cut

An iconic cut that recalls the glamour of the wonderful 1960s.

The Pixie cut consists of cutting the hair quite short but leaving a longer top with free, dynamic curls.

It is also a perfect cut for those who have very curly hair because if carried out properly it also suits people with afro-textured hair.

Another little trick? Play around with coloured tints that highlight the waves and movement of your hair!

Curly bob: 50s style cut

The curly bob is a very elegant cut that will also help you to maintain a bit of length in your short hair.

A classic layered cut that keeps everyone happy because it maintains a medium length that also allows you to style, gather or tie your hair as required.

Lengthwise, it goes down more or less to the shoulders or just above and enables you to have slightly longer locks at the sides and to increase the volume at the roots.

This cut is perfect if you are a lover of 1950s looks because it adapts perfectly to the typical fashions and styles of those years.

More so than with other cuts, with this style it is crucial to remember that the length of curly hair changes dramatically when wet as compared with dry.

The X-CURL® cut patented by Fulvio Tirrico is ideal for avoiding nasty surprises because as we have already said it is the only cut performed on dry hair and makes it possible to maintain total control over the length and volume of your curly hair.

The X-CURL® technique will enable your trusted Curly Hair Expert to create more gradual layers, maintaining, at the back, a length that is not too short. This will also enable you to gather the front part of the hair using hairpins and bows to create really original hairstyles.

The haircutting experience of our Salons is second to none!

A style consultation that always begins with an analysis of your hair, before moving onto the cut and use of the best products for your type of curly or wavy hair.

Products that you will also be able to buy so you can take care of your hair at home!

Choose the best short cut for your curly hair this summer, book an appointment at your nearest I Love Riccio Salon!

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