We all wish we looked like those skinny women so worshipped by the fashion industry, especially when we are on the beach. However, it is a common misconception that slim women look great in any type of swimming costume.

Some models look good on skinnier figures but there are also costumes that do not flatter more boyish physiques. So if you are one of the lucky ones looking for a skinny costume keep reading this article to find your perfect model.

In this article you’ll learn about:

  • high-waisted skinny bathing costumes;
  • skinny bikinis for summer 2022;
  • swimming costume colours, prints and patterns.

Skinny women have very few curves, a plus point for those that like androgynous physiques, but for slim women that like to have their curves in proportion, getting undressed could become a problem.

There are so many types of swimming costume on the market that you will always be able to find one that flatters your figure. With a few little tweaks here and there we can add volume to the bust or make our hips look rounder.

Keep reading and I’ll tell you all the secrets for keeping your figure balanced and in proportion.

High-waisted skinny bathing costumes

Not only do high-waisted bathing costumes cover prominent tummies, they also help those who have a flaccid belly following childbirth or significant weight loss.

But high-waisted costumes aren’t only worn to cover little imperfections because high-rise briefs are attractive and very sensual and these are the factors that can influence our choice.

They are reminiscent of 1950s costumes if paired with a push-up bikini top.

Let’s see how skinny women can wear the high-waisted bathing costume to look beautiful.

Wearing a high-waisted costume:

  • emphasises the bust;
  • can accentuate the cut of the leg, lengthening the legs;
  • shortens a long torso, making it more proportionate;

for these reasons the choice of high-rise briefs can be important also for skinny women.

If you want to create optical effects that make your body more shapely you can add the following to the briefs:

  • ruffles;
  • flounces;
  • little patterns and light colours.

If this is your choice, I would avoid pairing them with triangle bikini tops, which are too minimalist in comparison with the briefs.

The perfect tops to pair with high-waisted swimming costumes for skinny women are the bralette, the push-up bra and tops tied around the neck or at the front because they increase the volume of the bust.

Another option to consider if you like the high-waisted costume is the cut-out costume, not exactly a bikini because the briefs and top are not completely separate. Thanks to the cuts it is possible to create effects that flatter your figure and offer an intriguing now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t glimpse of your body.

Don’t forget to protect your hair, especially if it is curly, hydrating it and keeping it soft and glossy with products designed specially for you.

Skinny bikinis for summer 2022

The skinny bikini par excellence is the string version with triangle top, a model particularly suitable for very slim and toned young women. In these minimalist costumes colour has a key role to play as compared with prints.

Choose this costume if you love sunbathing, always remembering to protect your skin and hair. If your hair is dry and brittle I suggest using coconut oil to restore the softness and moisture of your curls.

You can mix and match the pieces of your skinny bikini as you see fit, finding the combination that best enhances your attributes.

We have already spoken about high-waisted briefs, now let’s look at the other types.

The thong is a very risky bikini bottom, its back part basically consisting of a thin strip of material almost always “hidden” between the buttocks. Let’s say that it isn’t the most understated of briefs. It is only suitable for those who have an amazing butt, and by this I mean:

  • no cellulite;
  • firm buttocks;
  • perky buttocks.

The same goes for the tanga which only covers the front leaving the buttocks uncovered.

If you are really keen on this type of bikini bottom I would suggest going for what are known as Brazilian briefs. The upper part of the bum is covered leaving only the lower part on view. This type of costume has a very high cut that lengthens the legs.

It doesn’t flatter those:

  • with a flat bum;
  • with buttocks lacking tone;
  • with a short body.

In addition to the ones mentioned, there are lots of other bikini bottoms of different rises and cuts to choose from. Always bear in mind that:

  • the higher the leg cut, the longer your legs appear;
  • the higher the briefs, the shorter your body becomes.

Now let’s take a look at bikini tops.

Once again you can choose from the models that best fit your personality and figure.

Sporty and can’t sit still for 5 minutes? Your best bet is the bralette: reminiscent of a vest that has been cut underneath the bust, it is perfect for all kinds of sporting activities on the beach.

If you have a small bust the triangle top is a great choice, but if you want to emphasise it then choose a padded push-up or a bandeau bra with flounces.

Tops tied behind the neck tend to lift the bust while tie front tops have a similar effect because they bring the bust closer together.

If you are skinny with wide shoulders and narrow hips and you want to balance your figure choose a one-shoulder top to narrow your shoulders and briefs with tie sides to give more volume to the hips.

Swimming costumes: colours, prints and patterns

Being very slim you can use all the prints, colours and patterns you want: there are literally no limits.

All fluorescent and vibrant colours are suitable for skinny women, as are pale colours like pink, sky blue, aqua green and canary yellow.

In the same way, all small patterns on light backgrounds, which tend to enhance volumes, will look good: choose whichever you prefer because once you have found the right bikini, the colour and print are not a problem.

Geometric prints, horizontal lines and abstract patterns will not take away from the willowy physique of skinny women.

Play around with the power of colour blocks, i.e. use two different colours, one light and one dark, in the same costume to harmonise your silhouette. It goes without saying that dark reduces and light expands.

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