Our brand is growing consistently and excitingly and now we are also proud to appear in two important Italian financial rankings:

  • for the second consecutive year we feature in the “Growth Leader” rankings of Il Sole 24 Ore and Statista, a rundown of the 450 companies with the highest growth rate;
  • for the second consecutive year we feature in the “Growth Champions” rankings (5th edition) of La Repubblica A&F and Istituto Tedesco ITQF, which lists the 800 companies with the highest growth rate.

These milestones are a source of great pride and achievements to celebrate and share with our company and the community that chooses us every day.

“I dedicate these acknowledgments to all of my collaborators who, like me, work with great enthusiasm every day, and to all of our partner companies who support our growth, and of course a big thank you also goes to the entire I Love Riccio Community for the unwavering belief it has shown in us over the years”.

[Fulvio Tirrico]

Il Sole 24 Ore Growth Leader 2023

We have been included among the 450 fastest-growing companies in the 2023 rankings put together by Statista on the basis of inclusion criteria relating to revenues over the last couple of years and the company’s inherent ‘Italianness’.

For Repubblica Affari e Finanza: Growth Champions, 5th edition

For the second consecutive year we have received the prestigious “Growth Champions 2023” award from Istituto Tedesco Qualità ITQF and La Repubblica Affari e Finanza, presented to the top 800 virtuous businesses in terms of revenues and annual growth capacity in the 2018-2021 three-year period.

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