Masks for
curly hair

Conditioning masks provide deep nourishment for your curly or wavy hair.

After shampooing it is essential to complete the cleansing of your hair with an extra moisturizing and super nourishing mask! Your hair will be softer and easier to detangle right away and ready for the subsequent styling step.

Curly hair masks are key components of your curly routine, perfect for keeping your locks nourished, hydrated and soft.

The formulas of the I Love Riccio products contain natural ingredients and are free of parabens, silicones and sulphates. Formulas that guarantee results and maximise your curls: as Curly Hair Experts we use the products ourselves on thousands of customers with wavy, curly and afro hair in our Salons.

Discover the products
Curl Type
Product Type
Hair Thickness
AfroLove Super Moisturising Glorification Mask

Super moisturising mask, rich in nourishing, emollient and antioxidant vegetable butters and oils to combat dryness.

Curl Restore Restructuring Mask Curl Save’n Safe

Strengthening and restructuring mask for bleached and damaged curly and wavy hair.

LoveLock Balm I Love Riccio

Detangling, acidifying, and fast-absorbing balm.

I Love Riccio Balby Cream® Super Moisturising Mask

Highly moisturizing and nourishing mask indicated for curls with coarse texture.

I Love Riccio Curl Switch® Nourishing Mask

A nourishing and moisturising mask ideal for curls with medium to coarse texture.

I Love Riccio Curl Switch® Mini Size 100ml

A nourishing and moisturising mask in mini-size format ideal for curls with medium to coarse texture.

I Love Riccio Delight Milk® Protein Hydrating Mask

Protein and nourishing mask specifically for curls with medium to fine texture.

I Love Riccio Delight Milk® Mini Size 100ml

Protein and nourishing mask in mini size specifically for curls with medium to fine texture.

Tip for top curls
Rinsing properly

Always carry out a final rinse of your hair with cold water: this will help firmly seal the cuticles.

CurlyKids Charlie Nourishing Mask

Nourishing and detangling mask with an anti-wrinkle formula for nourished and soft curls.

CurlyMan Bold Mask for Men

Moisturising and conditioning mask with an energising formula containing ginseng extract.

I Love Riccio Gift Card

I Love Riccio gift card makes the perfect present for yourself or for a friend or loved one with curly, wavy or afro hair.

A complete range of masks

Hydration is the first secret of beautiful curly hair, which to maintain its definition and keep the frizz effect at bay must, first and foremost, be moisturised deep down on a regular basis.

Our passion and experience with curly hair has taught us that for every type of curly or wavy hair there is a specific product capable of enhancing it to the max.

For this reason we have come up with a specific mask for every texture of curly or wavy hair to guarantee you salon-perfect results also at home!

Super nourishing masks
for curly and wavy hair

Every type of curl has its own ideal mask.

Delight Milk® is a deep nourishing protein mask specifically for thin and fine hair. Intense moisturisation that won’t weigh down your hair, providing volume and elasticity.

Curl Switch® is the most iconic and widely used product in our Salons. An intensely nourishing and moisturising mask for medium-thick curly or wavy hair, perfect for rehydrating particularly dry, frizzy and dull hair.

Balby Cream®, our large-size mask for those with particularly thick and long locks. Its formula contains a blend of top-quality super hydrating vegetable oils (Argan, Macadamia, Jojoba, Coconut oil, horse chestnut seed and dog rose oil).

CurlyKids Charlie Nourishing Mask, specifically designed for kids’ curls. We know all too well just how tangled children’s curly hair can get! Thanks to the I Love Riccio CurlyKids mask, your kids’ curls will be easy to detangle.

CurlyMan Bold Mask, a hydrating and conditioning mask which, thanks to its energising formula with Ginseng extract, nourishes curls deep down, eliminating the frizz effect and strengthening the scalp.

AfroLove Glorification Mask, our super hydrating mask rich in nourishing, softening and antioxidant vegetable oils, designed to protect, strengthen and deeply nourish afro curls.

Save’n Safe Curl Restore Curl Restructuring Mask, a strengthening and restructuring mask designed specifically to soften, detangle, repair and protect bleached and damaged curly and wavy hair by preventing breakage, dryness and frizz.

Combine a mask with your I Love Riccio shampoo for elastic, defined and voluminous hair that won’t go unnoticed.

Taking care of curly hair means choosing the right product every day. Every product in the I Love Riccio mask range encapsulates all of the experience Fulvio Tirrico has acquired as a Curly Coach. From his analysis of all of the curly hair he has seen in his career come the I Love Riccio products, the same used in our Salons to bring out the natural beauty of all types of curly or wavy hair.

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