The summer is drawing closer so to make sure we’re ready for it let’s take a look at the women’s swimming costumes for 2022.

A deep dive into the most eye-catching models and lots of tips on the most suitable model for every type of figure.

In this article you’ll find:

  • one-piece swimsuits;
  • bikinis for all sizes;
  • swimming costume colours, prints and patterns.

Our choice of swimming costume is very important because it can determine our mood, making us feel really confident or, on the contrary, inadequate because of its revealing nature.

It is always important to remember that perfection doesn’t exist, that every body and figure is beautiful and, above all, that we can choose a model that will focus the attention on our strong points and put what we regard as our imperfections into the background.

Without forgetting that going topless is no longer fashionable and that sometimes less skimpier costumes are more effective at showcasing the beauty of the wearer.

The seductive design of summer 2022 swimming costumes has also influenced streetwear. One-piece swimsuits are worn underneath skirts like bodysuits and bikini tops are worn above t-shirts or under jackets or shirts to create an intriguing now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t effect.

Showing off our bodies seems to be the trend of the summer so let’s have a look at the best

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One-piece costumes

The one-piece costume gives us most scope for enhancing our appearance.

Let’s begin with the classic swimsuit.

Simple yet elegant, the swimsuit looks best on slender physiques that are not particularly curvy.

Those who prefer this type of costume can play around with the cut of the leg:

  • high cut to lengthen your legs;
  • lower cut to lengthen your torso.

Knowing your body will help you to choose the most flattering model for your physique.

Another aspect we can play around with is the neckline, which should be:

  • more pronounced for smaller busts;
  • less pronounced for fuller busts.

Don’t worry if your figure doesn’t fall within the androgynous category, thanks to the wide variety of women’s one-piece costumes on the market you’ll be able to find the perfect model for you.

One-shoulder one-piece costumes tend to narrow the shoulders and look good on those with wide shoulders and narrow hips, balancing the proportions. Once again, it is possible to choose between high-leg and low-leg versions.

They can be used as tops under a loose midi skirt.

The one-piece costume with belt flatters all really feminine hourglass figures.

It is a good choice for women with fuller hips and bust, provided that you have a slim waist. Again, the neckline and cut of the leg are the variables to focus on in order to enhance your figure.

One-piece costumes with ruffles are clever because they tend to minimise prominent tummies. Ruffles usually start under the bust and go down to the leg opening. These are the ideal choice of many over-50s that have put on weight as a result of the menopause.

The choice of colour and/or pattern can also help with minimising the tummy.

One-piece padded costumes are perfect for those:

  • with a small bust;
  • with wide hips who want to balance with the upper torso;
  • who want to draw attention to the bust.

The shape of the neckline is important for each of these goals, as well as the depth.

Finally, there is the cut-out costume, a cross between a one-piece and a bikini.

This model leaves a large part of the body uncovered with ad hoc cuts for a sexy and alluring look. The choice of cut depends on your figure and the parts of your body you want to highlight and conceal. An option for self-confident women that don’t mind being observed.

Don’t forget to take care of your hair: if your hair is untidy, a beautiful costume won’t be enough on its own to bring out your beauty. Those with curly hair in particular should follow these simple rules to make sure they always look at their best.

Bikinis for all sizes

Fortunately, the fashion world is becoming increasingly inclusive. Sizeism is a thing of the past and even those who aren’t stick thin can put on a bikini and feel good and attractive.

Bikinis allow us to choose the most suitable tops and bottoms for our figures, in line with our style and character.

This is how to choose bikini bottoms:

  • with ties on the side for those with an androgynous figure with narrow hips and slim, toned women;
  • low-waisted for those with a flat tummy and not many curves or for those with a slim waist;
  • high-waisted for those with a prominent tummy or a slightly saggy belly following childbirth or significant weight loss, also perfect for those with round hips;
  • thongs for toned bodies with no cellulite and women that don’t mind being the centre of attention;
  • briefs for those with a long torso, to avoid if you have saddlebags.

We also need to choose our bikini tops with care because the ones that grab us right away aren’t always the ones that look best on us.

Let’s take a look together, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Choose higher-rise bottoms, in perfect 50s style, with a top with underwire and cups that provide support if you are curvy, and remember that wide shoulder straps make the bust look smaller.

Those whose hips are wider than their torso can rebalance their proportions with a bandeau bra that will tend to widen their upper body.

For those with wide shoulders and narrow hips the best option is the one-shoulder top. The addition of a gala will provide extra lift for those with a small bust.

As well as a gala, small busts can be enhanced with a padded or underwired bra or a model fastened directly behind the neck or tied at the front.

Don’t forget to take your Delight Milk, the travel-size mask that will help keep your hair soft and perfect at all times.

Swimming costumes: colours, prints and patterns

As well as the shapes of costumes, colours and patterns can also come to our aid.

It is common knowledge that dark colours tend to reduce and lighter colours tend to enlarge.

What should we do if we want to reduce one area and highlight another? We can opt for a colour-block costume, which means bottoms in one colour and top in another, always keeping in mind the optical illusion created by light and dark.

This goes for bikinis but also for one-piece costumes.

Fluorescent colours, really bright and vibrant on the beach, are best avoided for those that want to minimise a few imperfections because they highlight our figures.

Colourful prints with abstract or floral patterns with large flowers and leaves tend to conceal what we regard as our defects, especially if on a black background.

On the other hand, small patterns tend to emphasise our shape, particularly on light backgrounds.

Having read all of these tips, my advice is to try on your costume and look closely at the differences between bottoms, tops and different colours in the mirror. You’ll see how with just a few tweaks here and there you’ll be ready to hit the beach with new confidence!

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