Haircare products for curly hair

Curly hair requires specific products also for treating the most common problems that can afflict all types of hair.

In the event of particularly damaged and ruined hair, the presence of dandruff or when you want to perform a regenerating and rebuilding treatment, choose the most suitable treatments for your type of curly or wavy hair.

If your curly hair needs specific treatments to combat a particular problem, this section of our shop will have just what you are looking for.

The formulas of the I Love Riccio products contain natural ingredients and are free of parabens, silicones and sulphates. Formulas that guarantee results and maximise your curls: as Curly Hair Experts we use the products ourselves on thousands of customers with wavy, curly and afro hair in our Salons.

Discover the products
Curl Type
Product Type
Hair Thickness
Purify Curly purifying shampoo I Love Riccio

Purifying shampoo, eliminates build-up effect for cleaner, lighter curls.

I Love Riccio Primer Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Pre-shampoo treatment based on natural oils, ideal for a nourishing and moisturizing booster before washing.

I Love Riccio Detoxyl Skin Purifying Pre-Shampoo

Anti-dandruff treatment specifically for skin that tends to flake or is itchy.

I Love Riccio Intensive Anti Hair-Loss Lotion

Strengthening and balancing lotion to combat hair loss.

I Love Riccio SuperCurly Booster® Protein Rebuilder

Protein reconstructor for curls damaged by chemical and physical treatments. Your hair will regain strength, volume and definition.

Take care of your curls

In our extensive experience of caring for and treating curly hair, we have learned just how important it is to use the right products to deal with specific problems.

Our curly haircare treatments will therefore look after your curly or wavy hair, respecting the specific type and texture of your curls.

Specific treatments
and pre-shampoo products

If your hair is ruined or damaged.
If your scalp is scaly and you suffer from itching and dandruff.
If you want a pre-shampoo treatment to start taking care of your hair before washing it.

I Love Riccio has a treatment to meet every specific need.

SuperCurly Booster® is a protein rebuilder product designed to give new strength, structure and definition to particularly damaged hair that tends to break easily. Very damaged hair struggles to grow because it continuously splits at the ends. If your hair is stressed by lots of colouring, bleaching and particular treatments; when you can see that it doesn’t have the volume it used to and it tends to break easily, it is time to try our SuperCurly Booster®!

Detoxyl is a specific anti-dandruff treatment for scaly or itchy scalps. While completely respecting your curly hair, prevent dandruff and purify your curly hair deep down with Detoxyl.

Meanwhile, Primer Oil is a treatment to apply before shampooing and to use as an additional product in your curly hair routine once a week. Thanks to its antioxidant formula it performs a genuine nourishing action before you wash your hair.

Intensive Anti Hair-Loss Lotion, which stimulates, protects and strengthens your scalp. Its rebalancing action stimulates hair growth, preventing hair loss, and improves the tone of fine and thin hair.

Purify Curly is a purifying shampoo specifically designed to remove product residue build-up and environmental impurities from skin and hair (the build-up effect), making it lighter, healthier and cleaner.

Our specific treatments have been designed so you can take care of specific curly hair problems without compromising on the beauty and definition of your locks.

At I Love Riccio we are experts on curly hair of all kinds and know just how important it is to always choose specific treatments suitable for your hair type.

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