Drying is a very important part of the curly haircare routine and, as such, must not be underestimated.
The shape, consistency, volume and elasticity of your locks is defined when drying your hair, a process that will also enhance and emphasise all the products and measures taken when washing and styling. There are different ways of drying curly hair and showcasing its natural waves.
In this post we show you some of the best ways of obtaining head-turning hair, simple little techniques used in our specialist Salons that you can try at home right away!

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Air-drying curly hair

Particularly when the temperature gets warmer, knowing how to dry your curly hair naturally, without using a hair dryer, is an excellent way of protecting it from the stress caused by excessive heat.
In the summer, the main problems faced by curly hair are:

  • a more marked frizz effect;
  • excessive dryness;
  • dehydration caused by the sun;
  • difficulties caused by frequent washing.

However, obtaining perfect, elastic and voluminous curls is possible even without using a hair dryer.
Firstly, it is important to remember that overexposure to sources of heat will have a detrimental impact on your curly hair.
Putting away your hair dryer for the summer months will not negatively affect your hair in any way; on the contrary, it will help you protect it from damage and the risk of breakage due to the excessive dryness of the bulbs. The most important thing is to get organised and ensure that air-drying your hair also produces perfect results in terms of style and definition.

Before your hair is completely dry apply a combination of products to guarantee better definition and hold.
The best thing to do when choosing from the myriad of styling creams and products on the market is to prioritise those specifically designed to provide deep hydration.

After applying the most suitable styling products for your hair type, scrunch your hair section by section, taking it from the ends and pulling it up at the roots.
At the same time gently pat your curls with a microfibre towel to remove any excess water and residues of styling products.
At this point it is finally time to let your hair dry in the sun, making sure that you do not leave the top of your head overly exposed to UV rays and the risk of sunstroke.



Blow drying

Drying curly hair with a hair dryer is less straightforward than you might think because a blow dry that does not take account of your type of curly or wavy hair could end up producing a horrible frizz effect.
To prevent this from happening, it is important to use the hair dryer for as little time as possible, minimising your hair’s exposure to the direct heat of the device.

One piece of advice is to avoid pointing and holding the hair dryer too close to your hair, and to avoid setting it to the highest temperatures.

In addition, choose a professional hair dryer that is able to look after your hair, like the ones with ceramic and ion technology that we use in our Salons.
This specific type of hair dryer enables you to dry your hair quickly without stressing or damaging the hair cuticles.

As for the correct position to adopt, we can bust the myth that curly hair should always be dried with your head facing down!
In reality, the choice of whether to dry your curly or wavy hair with your head up or down should be made on the basis of the type, volume and elasticity of your hair.

As we never get tired of repeating, there are many different kinds of curls and every hair type and condition must be treated in its own specific way.

Drying curly hair by Plopping

Another way of drying curly hair without using the hair dryer is by Plopping, a very effective and simple method for the preliminary drying of curly hair.

Here’s how to do it:

  • after washing your hair and applying a styling product to define your curls, place a cotton t-shirt or microfibre cloth on the bed and, bending your head down, position your hair on top, gathering it together nicely in the centre;
  • without moving your hair too much, close the t-shirt into a turban, bringing together the two sides behind your neck and holding them in place with a hairband or clasp;
  • leave in place for about an hour, after which dry normally: you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the excellent results!

Plopping is one of the most common techniques for curling and defining your hair without using irons or other instruments that could prove very damaging.
The principle is that of allowing the hair to dry naturally, but without leaving it too free, in order to facilitate the formation of perfect, elastic locks.
All of these drying techniques produce excellent results, giving your hair fantastic volume and perfect definition.
Discover the most appropriate technique for your type of curls and unlock the potential of your hair with the tips of I Love Riccio!

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