Formula tested and approved by the Curly Hair Experts

Natural ingredients, rich in functional plant-based active ingredients.

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Our Formula

Tested and approved by the Curly Hair Experts in our Salons

The formulas of the I Love Riccio products are fruit of the experience of Fulvio Tirrico, Italy’s number 1 Curly Hair Expert and founder of I Love Riccio, and his in-depth knowledge of the characteristics and needs of curly, wavy and afro hair.

Thanks to synergies with a team of professionals and experts in the field of cosmeceuticals and dermatology, we have developed an I Love Riccio product formula using a natural approach, free of substances that weigh down the hair.

The formulas of our products are tested and approved directly by our Curly Hair Experts to measure their efficacy and evaluate their popularity with the over 30,000 customers with wavy, curly and afro hair of all textures, types, porosity and density that visit the I Love Riccio Salons each year.

Since the outset we have always sought to develop formulations that produce safe and guaranteed results also because, as Curly Hair Experts, we are the first ones to use the products in our Salons.

Products that respect you, your air and the environment:
We use natural ingradients

The formulations of our products are rich in natural ingredients, concentrations of functional and high-performance active ingredients for nourished and hydrated curls.

They are free of parabens, silicones, sulphates and formaldehyde donors.

The blends do not contain substances that tend to weigh down curls, they are free of parabens, silicones, sulphates and formaldehyde donors. For healthier, lighter, hydrated curls.

We use 100% recycled plastic packaging

By choosing bottles made entirely from recycled plastic, we want to do our bit to protect the environment and safeguard the planet.

Naturally effective,
with no

Rich in functional plant-based active ingredients

The formulas of our products are free of parabens, silicones, sulphates and formaldehyde donors, and respect the regular balance of the skin and hair, with no compromises, to guarantee maximum performance on all types of curls. The formulas are rich in natural ingredients – from coconut, macadamia and jojoba oil to extract of moringa oleifera – and are concentrations of functional and high-performance active ingredients that are able to meet the needs of all types of curly, wavy and afro hair on the basis of texture, thickness and porosity.

Healthy skin,
maximum performance for your curls

Products that guarantee optimum results

The formulas of our products are rich in natural ingredients so your curls are healthier, lighter, hydrated and more elastic and nourished than ever.

Whether you use them at home as part of your curly routine or in the Salon, applied by our Curly Hair Experts, they will leave your curls voluminous, defined and hydrated.

Safe products

Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic

All our formulas undergo a series of tests to further guarantee their safety and efficacy: stability test, compatibility test, Challenge test, pH test, Patch test and Nickel test.

The clinical tolerability trials prove it: every product is dermatologically tested and compliant with current hair product manufacturing regulations.

The formulas contain hypoallergenic scents and natural biocompatible ingredients that also respect the most delicate and sensitive of skins.

Eco Friendly

Packs in 100% recycled plastic

Environmental sustainability has been a priority for I Love Riccio for some time; for this reason, we try to do our little bit every day to help safeguard the environment. The new bottles of I Love Riccio products are made entirely from recycled plastic (R-PET), underlining the commitment we have made to respecting and protecting the environment.

In fact, the R-PET plastic bottles derive from recovery and recycling processes, contributing to a substantial reduction in plastic waste and CO2 emissions.


“I don’t just want to maintain the quality of I Love Riccio products over time, I want to keep improving it.[…]

Ongoing cosmetic and dermatological research activities, which every day involve technical experts, researchers and dedicated labs, to develop product formulas aimed at improving the hydration, hold, definition, combability and elasticity of your curls.

All of which tested and approved by our Curly Hair Experts, who use the products on thousands of types and textures of wavy, curly and afro hair every day, verifying their efficacy. We are the only company in Italy able to do all of this: our specialist Salons use the products that we formulate ourselves.

Over time, the development of our products has also taken account of sustainability and the environment with the use of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

I am grateful and proud that I Love Riccio can continue to meet the needs of people with curly hair. Thanks to our products and expertise, all types of curls can be enhanced and showcased in all their natural beauty. I am extremely proud to be the founder of I LOVE RICCIO, the first brand to promote the culture of curly hair in Italy.

Going back to the question, are we at the top of the mountain? My answer to this is: KEEP CLIMBING AND DON’T THINK ABOUT IT.”

How we created this formula

It all starts with our customers in the Salon: everything revolves around you, who choose us every day as your go-to brand for curly haircare, and your desire and need for the best possible products for your hair.

For years the Curly Hair Experts in our Salons have used the I Love Riccio products every day on thousands of people with curly, wavy and afro hair, achieving truly exceptional results. Touching their curls with our hands and listening to their wishes enables us to understand the requirements we must take into account, the expectations we need to meet, and the desires we need to fulfil.

Driven by our passion for curly haircare, we have developed a line of products with high-performance formulas that guarantee optimum results in terms of hydration, softness, volume, nourishment, hold and definition.
Products that respect the skin, bring out the natural beauty of your curls and respect the environment with gentle and eco-friendly formulas.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Free of parabens, silicones, sulphates and formaldehyde donors;
  • New 100% recycled plastic bottles.
What are the TESTS carried out on our products?

To guarantee maximum quality and safety, our products undergo stringent tests to monitor their sensory (colour and smell), chemical-physical (pH and viscosity) and microbiological characteristics in both normal use conditions and variable conditions in terms of light and warmth, which accelerate their ageing. The analysis of these parameters enables us to assess the stability of the formulations in suitable storage, transport and usage conditions.

Before being distributed on the market, every I Love Riccio product must pass the “packaging compatibility test”: we examine its stability in its final primary packaging (tub, bottle, etc.) and we assess variations in the control parameters (physical appearance, colour, viscosity, pH, microbiological properties) and any packaging deformities. Once again, the test is performed in normal use conditions and in accelerated conditions (extreme temperature, light and pressure).

In the development phase, this test makes it possible to assess the shelf life of the product during storage and throughout its period of use by the consumer.
In practice, it involves the artificial contamination of the product with microorganisms and the subsequent analysis of the reduction of this contamination.

pH value is an important aspect of all formulations because it impacts on various product properties: stability, colouring, shelf life, etc. According to its characteristics and functions, every I Love Riccio product must fall within a specific pH range, constantly monitored both during and at the end of the production phase.

It is important to know that our products are safe and tolerated by our customers’ skin.
This is why every finished product is tested on a group of volunteers (at least 20) through the application of skin patches containing potentially irritating substances for 48 hours. When this time has elapsed the conditions of the skin are assessed, assigning a score of between 0 (no reaction) and 4 (serious reaction). I Love Riccio products have obtained a score of 0 in every test they have undergone.

Nickel is a heavy metal that not everybody is able to tolerate on their skin. For this reason our products undergo a specific test to measure the amount of nickel in them and establish their tolerability limit. If it is below 1 ppm, the risk of allergic reactions is minimal, even for those who are particularly sensitive to nickel. All I Love Riccio products are Nickel Tested < 1 ppm.

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