Summer has finally arrived, bringing with it the reassuring warmth of the sun and the inviting call of refreshing waters. In this whirlwind of summer emotions, waiting to be able to go to the sea and enjoy the holidays, the desire to immerse yourself in a sparkling pool becomes irresistible. But for those with curly hair this idyllic scenery is accompanied by a well-known fear: chlorine.

As well as salt, in fact, chlorine tends to dry the hair, making them brittle, opaque and also encouraging the appearance of split ends.

So the choice, usually, is reduced to two alternatives: dive into the water and find yourself with dry, swollen and electrified hair or stay at home giving up swimming in the pool.

Our answer? Better go to the pool and protect the curls from chlorine!

In this article, we will look together what products to use and take measures to protect curly hair from chlorine, keep them healthy and shiny and enjoy a day of refreshing relaxation, without worries.

First, however, let’s start from the causes: why does chlorine damage curly hair?

To fully understand why this chemical agent is so harmful to the hair, you need to take a step back and understand how this affects curly hair.

Curly hair, compared to smooth ones, have a more fragile and porous cuticle. The cuticle (that is the outer layer of the hair) is responsible for both the shine and the protection of the hair from external agents. Chlorine, with its chemically aggressive nature, penetrates the hair and lifts the scales of the cuticle, leaving hair exposed to the dehydrating action of chlorinated water and UV rays.

The result? Dry hair, brittle, dull and more prone to breakage.

Use appropriate headphones

Wearing a cap is the first fundamental step to protect the curls from chlorine. On the market there are different types, but for curly hair is advisable to opt for a silicone cap. This, fitting perfectly to your head, will be your best ally.

There are also specific headphones for long hair that offer optimal coverage to protect every single hedgehog. Make sure you choose the right size headphone, neither too narrow nor too wide, to prevent it from being annoying to wear or slipping during the dive.

Remove chlorine residues

After bathing in the pool, it is very important to eliminate chlorine residues from both hair and scalp: because of its dehydrating effect, it can indirectly contribute to the health of the scalp making it dry, irritated and causing itching.

Here are some simple (but effective) steps to follow:

  • Rinse your hair thoroughly with fresh water: this will help remove most of the chlorine from your hair and scalp.
  • Use a specific shampoo: targeted detergents, such as the Sun Defence Protective Shampoo, are designed specifically to cleanse the skin and hair after exposure to sunlight or the aggressions of chlorine, salt and wind so as to keep hair healthy and shiny throughout the summer.
  • Apply a conditioner or a moisturizing mask: useful to restore lost hydration and give nourishment and softness to the hair.

Extra tip: Before you dive into the chlorinated pool water, you can create a protective barrier on your curls to minimize the damage caused by chlorine. How? Thanks to the use of summer oils for curly hair! These products create a protective film around the hair shaft, preventing chlorine from penetrating and thus dehydrating your precious hair. In addition, to further prevent the damage caused not only by chlorine, but also by sun and salt and protect your curls throughout the summer, you can use the Curl Elixir Sun Oil, a mixture of oils, nutrients, emollients and protective.

I Love Riccio Sun Defence Protective Shampoo

Moisturizing and protective shampoo against the action of sun, salt and chlorine.

I Love Riccio Protective Curl Elisir Sun Oil

A blend of fine oils to protect your curls from sun, chlorine and salt spray.

Coconut Oil

Pure moisturising, sublimating and softening oil; nourishes and restructures dry and damaged curls.

Argan Oil

Fortifying, antioxidant and brightening oil for very dry curls.

Jojoba Oil

Strengthening, antibacterial and sebum-balancing oil for oily skin and hair, with softening and nourishing action.

Carrot Oil

Strengthening and protective vitamin oil for especially dry and brittle curls.

Keep the colour alive

Chlorine can cause dulling and fading of hair color. As we have already said, its aggressive chemical nature raises the scales of the cuticle of the hair exposing it to possible damage from UV rays. This is reflected on the color, both for natural hair for those dyed.

UV rays, in fact, damage the structure of the natural hair causing the breakdown of melanin pigments that give the color. As a result, the hair can become duller and the color less vibrant.

As for dyed hair, however, the problem is even more accentuated because the artificial pigments usually used to dye the hair are even less stable than the natural melanin. This means that UV rays can cause a more rapid and noticeable loss of color, making them opaque and less bright over time. To give greater protection you can use specific products for bleached hair.

To preserve the vividness of the color, it is therefore important to use other specific products that offer UV protection and prevent the dehydrating effects of chlorine.

Summer is a magical time to enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin on a precious day spent in the pool. But remember: curly hair deserves constant attention and care, especially during the hottest season of the year.

By following our tips and using specific products, you will know how to protect your curls from chlorine and keep them healthy, strong and bright even in summer.

Your hair will thank you for the love and dedication you have dedicated to them, and you can proudly show off a radiant hair, ready to face every summer adventure.