Hand-in-hand with the arrival of the long-awaited warm season come the classic problems that afflict our hair every summer!
Sea water, chlorine from swimming pools and prolonged exposure to the sun dries, dehydrates and discolours our hair (especially coloured hair).

Today we want to tell you about a way you can prevent these problems, an innovative technique specifically designed to nourish the hair deep down and keep it looking perfect at all times, even after many hours in the sun.

We are talking about LOC, a practice involving different types of products applied in sequence which produces truly remarkable results.
The LOC method consists of three main phases thanks to which you can hydrate your hair and give it the protection it needs to face up to long days on the beach or by the pool.
By its very nature, curly hair tends to get dehydrated quite easily if exposed to high temperatures.
In fact, the typical heat of the summer results in the significant dispersion of water molecules and this accelerates the dehydration of the hair.
Protecting it becomes essential if we don’t want it to be damaged by the end of the summer.

Keep reading this post to find out what L.O.C. stands for and what the LOC method consists of!

L for Liquid - for hydrating

The first letter of the LOC method is L for liquid and this consists of a deep hydrating phase designed to suitably prepare the hair.
In terms of a strongly hydrating component you can use straightforward mineral water, which contains much less calcium than tap water and is therefore better for combatting the frizz effect.
You can enrich it with a few tablespoons of aloe vera, which is particularly hydrating and restorative for the hair.
You don’t need to completely wet your hair to evenly distribute this mixture.
Just put the water and aloe vera in a spray bottle and dampen your hair with a few sprays in the right places.
In this way you will be sure to distribute it evenly all over your head.

O for Oil - to nourish your hair

Once your hair is hydrated deep down, it is time to apply an oil-based product to seal the bulbs.
The O for oil in the LOC method can consist of either a vegetable oil or a butter with a very rich texture.
This is a particularly important step because the oil serves to retain the humidity that was distributed in the previous phase, creating a protective film that will ensure the right level of hydration is maintained.
The results? Hair that is naturally soft, even if it started out dry and porous, and stronger because it is less brittle.

C for Cream - for the perfect definition of your hair

We are now at the final stage of the treatment, the finish, which is particularly important for those that want to fortify their curls and give them the perfect form.
The C stands for cream, a frizz-control product, ideally with a soft and rich texture, which will seal the root fibre to perfection.
We suggest choosing a leave-in product so you don’t need to wet your hair again, nullifying the benefits of the previous steps.
Distribute the cream directly onto your hair with the palm of your hand, gently massaging in to ensure the product penetrates the hair deep down.
Focus particularly on the ends, usually the driest part of the hair, to ensure they receive the thorough and long-lasting hydration they need.

After this step you are good to go!
You can face the sea, sun, salt, chlorine and wind without worrying about messing up your hair too much!

The LOC method can change your hair’s life!
We suggest performing this ritual every now and then so your hair is perfect, soft and healthy at all times, ready to rise to the challenges and dangers of the summer season!

Carlotta Stacchini

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