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The digital I Love Riccio gift card makes the perfect present for yourself or for a friend or loved one with curly, wavy or afro hair; a chance to introduce them to the original and exclusive I Love Riccio Method created by Italy’s leading Curly Coach, Fulvio Tirrico.

Buy it in the online shop, and at the end of your order, you will receive the code of your Gift Card in your email (the Gift Card is a digital product and not physical).

May only be used to purchase products on www.ilovericcio.com, for services and treatments in:

Milan Salon 49

Milano Salon 52

Milan Salon Città Studi

Rome Salon

Turin Salon

Bergamo Salon

Bologna Salon (Curly Hair Tour)

Would you like to gift somebody an original curly hair treatment experience?

Choose the I Love Riccio gift card!


How does the I Love Riccio Gift Card work?

What is

Thanks to our exclusive gift card you can give somebody between 5 and 500 euro to spend online in the ilovericcio.it shop, in the Rome Salon, in the Turin Salon, Bergamo Salon, Milan Salon 49 and 52, Milan Salon -Città Studi- or on the dates of the Curly Hair Tours in Bologna.


Buying one couldn’t be easier:

  • Choose the amount of the gift card you wish to give;
  • Insert the email address of the recipient – put in your own if it is a gift to yourself!
  • Check your email inbox for the order confirmation email.
  • At the same time the recipient of the gift card will also receive an email which will contain the gift card code.

The gift card can be used to purchase products in the online store or in the I Love Riccio Salons in Milan, Turin, Bergamo or Rome or on the dates of the Curly Hair Tours in Bologna. If it is used in the Salons or during the Tours, all the gift card holder need do is communicate the code of their gift card in loco.

Giving an I Love Riccio gift card means offering somebody with wavy, curly or afro hair a unique haircare treatment experience; a completely different way of looking after wavy or curly hair.

I Love Riccio gift cards are valid for a year and allow the recipient to spend the token however they choose.

They can be used to purchase products from our online shop, or in the Rome, Turin, Bergamo and Milan Salons and on the dates of the Tour for consultancy appointments and the X-CURL cut.

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