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If you have afro curls, you already know: managing and taking care of them is much more difficult than with other types of hair. But now there is a solution!

From the experience of Fulvio Tirrico, Italy’s leading Curly Coach, and the Curly Hair Experts of the I Love Riccio Salons, comes the AfroLove line, dedicated exclusively to afro curly hair.

Three steps, three different products to provide extra nourishment, deep hydration, long-lasting softness, definition and lightness to your curly hair. A comprehensive range, product of the perfect combination of functional plant-based active ingredients with outstanding nourishing, antioxidant, emollient and detangling properties: from coconut and avocado oils to shea butter and hydrolyzed wheat protein.

The formulas of our products contain natural ingredients and are free of parabens, silicones and sulphates.

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The biggest enemy of afro curls? The frizz effect!

To manage it is essential to keep your curls hydrated with butters and oils in order to stop them from drying out.

AfroLove Bulking Cream Styling Cream

Moisturizing and shaping cream styling for more supple and defined afro curls without frizz.

AfroLove Magnifish Cleansing Co-Wash Cream

Co-Wash cleansing cream with an emollient and anti-frizz action, to nourish in depth without dehydrating.

AfroLove Super Moisturising Glorification Mask

Super moisturising mask, rich in nourishing, emollient and antioxidant vegetable butters and oils to combat dryness.

AfroLove afro hair kit

A trio of products designed for super moisturized, supple and shiny afro curls: gives extra nourishment and softness, without weighing it down.

Purify Curly purifying shampoo I Love Riccio

Purifying shampoo, eliminates build-up effect for cleaner, lighter curls.

The specific line for afro hair

In our Salons we look after and restore the natural beauty of all types of curly and wavy hair every day, focusing particular attention on afro curls, which are far more fragile and vulnerable.

In fact, we know all too well that afro curls require specific treatments and products that get them looking their best and don’t flatten them out, dehydrate them or weigh them down.

For this reason we have created a complete range of products entirely dedicated to afros. An exclusive line so you can finally say goodbye to low definition, dull colours and the frizz effect.

Hydrated, defined and soft like never before

Having hydrated, soft and well-defined afro hair, at the very peak of its potential, is only possible if you choose the right products.

The AfroLove curly hair line consists of 3 specific products designed to provide extra nourishment and shine while making your hair easier to detangle.

Magnifish: cleansing Co-Wash with nourishing, softening and anti-frizz properties, to wash and hydrate at the same time, without drying out and weighing down the hair.

Glorification Mask: super hydrating mask rich in nourishing, softening and antioxidant vegetable oils, designed to protect, strengthen and nourish deep down.

Bulking Cream: hydrating and modelling cream to create a defined style, at the same time providing elasticity, hold and control over the frizz effect.

A complete and naturally effective range, designed to guarantee exceptional performance and extraordinary results on afro curly hair of all textures, porosity and density.

For us, the expectations and desires of those who choose us are always our number one priority. Touching their curls with our own hands every day has enabled us to form a comprehensive understanding of the real needs of this particular type of hair.

This is why we have decided to create an exclusive treatment line containing natural ingredients to guarantee optimum hydration, definition and softness, with no compromises.

From shampooing through to hair masks and styling, treat yourself and your afro curls to a moment of pure wellbeing and care.

Achieve the results you have always dreamed of with your own curly routine to experience and enjoy day after day.

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