Learning to love one’s curly hair from an early age is the best gift you can give your children. That is why it is essential for us as parents to start taking care of their hair from an early age in the right way and with the specific products that are ideal for their curly texture.

That’s why it’s essential to give proper attention to the wash day, from cleansing to drying.

Best practices for avoiding knots and managing frizz

For healthy, well-groomed curly hair, you first need to know how to properly manage knots and prevent them from forming. So here are some useful tips to incorporate into the curly routine of little ones.

  • Moisturize constantly: it is essential to keep the hair properly hydrated to prevent knots from forming. To do this, it is recommended to use moisturizing and gentle shampoos and conditioners and also add a mask to apply after washing.
  • To detangle, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers: after shampooing, avoid using inappropriate brushes to detangle curls. They can break them and especially cause pain and discomfort. It is recommended to use fingers or a wide-tooth comb if curls are too tangled.
  • Apply styling products to damp hair: after washing your hair, apply styling products while it is still wet. This process is very important to allow the styling product to distribute evenly throughout the hair.
Use gentle, non-aggressive shampoos

Children’s skin is more delicate and sensitive than that of adults; a gentle shampoo helps to avoid possible irritation and redness.

We at I Love Riccio have designed a specific range of products for children’s curly hair, the CurlyKids line, rich in ingredients of natural origin, without silicones, parabens, SLS, SLES and sulfates.

Ariel shampoo, with organic extracts of Oat and Chamomile, moisturizes and soothes. Thanks to its active ingredients, it gently cleanses the scalp.

The formulation of these products is super gentle and anti-laceration to ensure a stress-free curly routine from early childhood.

Kit Completo CurlyKids

Shampoo delicato, maschera nutriente e styling in crema: il kit completo per ricci più elastici, definiti e sani.

Ariel Shampoo Idratante CurlyKids

Shampoo delicato con formula anti-lacrime, per ricci idratati e morbidi.

Charlie Maschera Nutriente CurlyKids

Maschera nutriente e districante con formula anti-lacrime per ricci nutriti e soffici.

Lou Crema Modellante CurlyKids

Styling in crema elasticizzante anti crespo con formula anti-lacrime per ricci definiti e luminosi.

Define curls accurately, with the right styling

It is important to involve children in the hair styling process, encouraging them to participate in and care for their curls. This approach will help them over time to develop a positive relationship with their hair, which they will learn to know how to manage, love and enhance.

For styling, it is important to choose the right product based on the type of curl. If the curls are very fine and thin, it is recommended to use a mousse to give definition to the hair without weighing it down. On the other hand, for medium-wavy or afro curls, it is better to choose a fuller styling with a rich and creamy texture, or a gel.

Here are 5 steps to define curls thoroughly:

  1. Spread the product evenly throughout the baby’s hair.
  2. Use the scrunching technique to define curls. Gently curl strands of hair in your hands upward toward the root. This will help define the curls naturally.
  3. Let the hair air dry or use a diffuser, being careful to use a lukewarm heat level. Avoid excessive use of high temperatures to protect children’s delicate skin.
  4. Touch up curls post-drying: gently separate curls with your fingers and massage them in to break up the cast, volumize and improve definition after drying.
  5. Refresh on postwash days: you may need to touch up baby curls with a small amount of refresh product to maintain definition even on postwash days.

In this case, the best advice is to use a ready-to-use refresh to apply to dry hair. This way the refresh step will be much faster and children will not get bored while you manage their hair.

The correct haircut for curly hair in children

In addition to the washing and drying step, cuts for children’s curly hair are very important.

For preschoolers, we recommend choosing a natural, medium-short cut that allows easy and comfortable hair management. For older children, more fashionable cuts can also be experimented with.

Whichever cutting style you choose, shorter or longer, it is always important to make a cut specifically for curly hair.

What does it mean to make a specific cut for curly hair?

Not everyone yet knows that curly hair should be cut with techniques specific to this hair type. In fact, normal and generic haircutting techniques are not appropriate for curly hair and the risk you run is to get a non-harmonious shape.

I Love Riccio has patented the X-CURL® cutting technique, specifically for wavy, curly and afro hair that is able to give volume, definition and movement to hair while enhancing its peculiarities.

It is also important for children to have a haircut that suits the nature of their hair and enhances the unique characteristics of their curls.

According to common perception, children with curly hair often dislike wash day, combing and general management of their hair.

There is an understandable reason behind this attitude. If we take care of their hair with the wrong methods and products that are not curl-specific, children will experience wash day with discomfort, stress, boredom and frustration.

To permanently resolve this situation, it is important to adopt a curly hair-specific care and treatment routine that considers:

  • The ‘purchase of specific products for curly hair, selecting them according to texture and hair type
  • The adoption of appropriate styling and/or blow-drying methods and techniques
  • The choice of professional accessories suitable for curly hair
  • The care of their shape over time, opting for a specialized cutting technique for curly hair.