Today we are going to tell you about the incredible transformation enjoyed by one of our customers after years of flat irons, straightening and hairdressers that were unable to provide a specific professional answer to the real needs of her hair.

The results speak for themselves and will leave you open-mouthed: just check out the before and after photos!

But let’s hear directly from Stefania to get all of the details on her experience: from her first ham-fisted treatments (often improvised) through to her meeting with our Curly Hair Experts in the Salon, who gave new life to her curls thanks to the X-Curl® cut and pre- and post-treatment consultancy tailored to her specific requirements.

Read the account of one of the latest converts to the I Love Riccio Method!

Real life is a like a flight of stairs

“Is that your hair?”

“Have you cut it?”

“Have you had a perm?”

These are just a few of the questions people have been asking me for months since, at the age of 37, I discovered my real hair.

And we aren’t finished yet.

My story before coming across I Love Riccio was similar to that of many curly women, even if at a certain point I switched from the straightener to the diffuser.

This was the first step (photo November 2020).

The problem was that, after a few more steps, I went to a hairdresser who gave me an awful textured cut and I basically fell down the stairs: damaged hair that was falling out in clumps and split ends. I risked spending vast sums of money on supplements and trichology appointments.

Then I went to I Love Riccio: miracles are miracles because they happen in a split second, but real life is like a flight of stairs.

Step by step I started to climb up the staircase and, supported by real professionals (who aren’t those that practice a profession but those who study, understand and teach you their knowledge), I began to take a completely different perspective.

If you begin a treatment course at I Love Riccio it isn’t a case of just “going to the hairdresser”: you embark on a genuine path of learning about yourself, about acceptance, and of discovering your true nature. And even after a lifetime, you can still be pleasantly surprised.

Your happiness is ours too

Seeing the happiness in the eyes of those who put their trust in the I Love Riccio Method to enhance and revive their curls is always a source of great pride and satisfaction for us.

In fact, as well as our technical expertise, every day we are also driven by our passion to do everything in our power to help restore the natural beauty of our customers’ hair.

The photos you saw earlier speak for themselves: the results were visible right away and the curls of our friend were radiant again, just like her. Pretty cool, right?

If you would also like to tell us about your experience and treatment path with I Love Riccio just fill out the “Share your story!” form at this link, telling us your story and attaching some before and after photos. We will select a few of the stories and publish them on our blog to make them even more special and unique!