You have an important dinner or a special event coming up and you’re not sure what to do with your short curly hair?

Don’t worry, there are lots of great solutions for you too.

In the meantime, remember never to neglect your curly hair: on the contrary, it is important to take care of it using the right haircare products.

Gentle shampoos, good masks and the right styling products can do wonders, giving you gorgeous curls and enabling you to say goodbye to the frizz effect.

Curly hair is also really fashionable right now and there are plenty of women out there who are jealous of your fluffy locks!

The first key step if you have curly hair is to use a styling product specifically formulated for this type of hair that allows you to both define your curls and avoid the frizz effect at the same time.

If you like the idea of doing your own hair, without necessarily having to go to the hairdresser, then here are three ideas for your short curly hair.

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1. Semi-collected

Having fairly short curly hair, you have probably never thought of sporting a semi-collected hairstyle. Yet this elegant and versatile style also looks great with your hair type.

You can embellish your semi-collected hairstyle with a clip or jewel inserts which will immediately add a touch of extra style and elegance to your look.

So, how do you create a semi-collected style on your own?

If you have a long bob or bob-length hair, you have the perfect cut for this look.

After you have applied the right styling product for your type of curls, let’s see how to create a semi-collected look.

First of all, take the locks closest to your temples and above your ears and move them to the back of your head, holding them in place with a clip, hairband or hairpins. Like this you’ll have a kind of half ponytail.

Don’t pull the locks too tight because wavy hair is even more attractive when it has that slightly wild and natural air.

We recommend leaving a bit of volume on the top of the head: this has a slimming effect.

If you like a messy yet stylish look, leave one or two tufts of hair outside of your half ponytail in such a way that the locks fall down close to your face.

Another way of creating a cool semi-colleted look if you have curly hair is to use hairpins: get some in a shade similar to your hair colour so they blend in nicely.

Take the locks on the top of your head and pull them back, holding them in place with the hairpins, making sure not to pull them too tight and to leave a little bit of volume.

You can also curl the locks about themselves to create twists. These should also be held in place with hairpins.

Worried that the final effect is too fluffy and messy? Don’t: that is the beauty of wavy hair.

2. Side braids

Tried a semi-collected look but not sure it suits you?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of other elegant styling options out there for you.

In fact, contrary to what you might think, curly hair is very suited to romantic side braids.

Divide your hair into two parts, starting at the back of the neck, and create two side braids that you can hold in place on the nape with hairpins or clips that keep them firmly in position.

Choose the clips for your side braids with care: with rhinestones and Swarovski crystals for a vampish and elegant evening look, or with velvet if you are a lover of this fabric. Leave room for creativity and personal taste.

If your curly hair is short but goes down at least as far as your chin, bob-style, you can also try the French braid.

This is the braid that begins at the top of the head and gathers together the hair all the way down to the nape: the hair remains in place and under control.

Another alternative is to create side braids, taking just one section of hair on each side of the head.

You can also leave it wavy and wild with two little side braids for a vaguely boho-chic effect if you want to look smart but don’t like overly sophisticated styles.

3. Space buns for short hair

Don’t like braids or semi-collected hair and don’t know what to do with your short curly hair?

We also have an alternative for those of you who like more creative and informal looks.

And what’s more, space buns are also simple and easy to create.

What are they? Space buns are the two side buns made famous by Manga and Japanese cartoons (Sailor Moon for example) and now popular with celebrities like Chiara Ferragni and Cara Delavigne.

Don’t worry: they are also easy to create even if you have fairly short hair.

The first step in making space buns is to divide your hair into equal parts at the centre and create two pigtails at the sides of your head.

Twist each of the pigtails into a rope and secure to the base of the pigtail with the hair tie already there. Fix the two buns in place with a hair tie or hairpins and leave a few strands of hair sticking out if you like a messy look.

Don’t forget to use the right accessories for your hair: use special brushes for curly hair that don’t damage or break it.

We hope that these tips on the best hairstyles for short curly hair have given you some fresh impetus and inspiration! All you have to do now is try them out and show them off at the next special occasion

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