Did you know that henna is the most recommended coloring for curly hair? We will tell you why in this article.

Henna is made from the dried and pulverized leaves of a shrub called Henna, from which it takes its name. It is extremely beneficial for the hair, with rebalancing action on the scalp; it counteracts both excess sebum and dandruff. It also gives intense, bright color to the hair, making it fuller-bodied and shinier.

Because of these benefits, it is often used as an alternative to the traditional coloring and dyeing found on the market and can be used as a healing treatment to be integrated into the routine every two weeks or once a month

Preparation: wash the curls and protect the skin

Before applying henna, the hair must be washed using a shampoo that deeply purifies the scalp, removing excess sebum, residues of environmental impurities, and the buildup of products layered on the hair-called the build up effect.

Purify Curly shampoo is specifically designed for this purpose. With its natural active ingredients, it not only gently cleanses scalp and hair, but also brings soothing and protective action. After using this product, apply a moisturizing mask to the lengths and then rinse and towel-dry the hair

Purify Curly purifying shampoo I Love Riccio

Purifying shampoo, eliminates build-up effect for cleaner, lighter curls.

PhytoTerra® Plum Colouring for Curly Hair

Plant-based coloring with plum-colored highlights.

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Plant-based coloring with golden-blond highlights

Creating the mixture

Preparing the henna mixture is very simple. Be sure to choose a nonmetallic bowl to carefully mix the henna powder.

Gradually add the warm water and supplement with a few drops of scalp oils, mix it all until you get a consistency similar to that of Greek yogurt.

Afterwards, cover the bowl to avoid direct contact with air.

Application of henna

Before applying the product, it is essential to always perform a preliminary skin sensitivity test-this way you can test for the appearance of any reactions or irritation.

Henna should be applied after washing and patting the hair thoroughly. Application is very simple but must be done carefully:

  • Divide hair into sections and start applying henna evenly from roots to ends
  • Use latex gloves to protect your hands.
  • Be sure to cover each strand completely.
  • Leave on for 45 minutes, such as PhytoTerre I Love Riccio plant-based colorings suitable for curly hair and available in numerous shades.
  • Rinse the henna thoroughly with lukewarm water until the water is clear and make one-two applications of shampoo.
  • Apply the I Love Riccio mask most appropriate for your curls.

Henna not only improves the outward appearance of your hair but also strengthens its internal structure. Its use will allow you to have shiny curls of a new color shade but also deeply nourished and strengthened.