Choosing Christmas gifts is never easy but if you are getting something for someone with curly or wavy hair, fear not: we have the perfect solution for you!

Our gift ideas are the perfect way of introducing your curly friends and relatives to the world of I Love Riccio!

As the unrivalled leaders in curly haircare, in this post we bring you three different curly gift ideas to suit all budgets! Whether you have a few ideas or not, don’t worry: we have the right solution for you!

Shea Butter

100% natural pure shea butter. A complete repairing treatment for very dry curls, intensely nourishing and moisturizing.

Argan Oil

Fortifying, antioxidant and brightening oil for very dry curls.

Castor Oil

Restructuring, fortifying, revitalising oil for silkier, shinier curls.

Curly hair oils and butters

When deep nourishment and hydration is the perfect Christmas gift for curly hair!

Our plant-based curly hair butters and oils are the obvious choice when it comes to taking comprehensive care of curls and showcasing their natural beauty.

Thanks to their pure formulas they are also perfect for using as skin moisturisers.

In the winter, when the temperature drops and our skin and hair feels drier, they are a great way of enjoying a little me time!

I Love Riccio plant-based butters and oils are ultra-pure and can be used as a brilliant finishing touch or in addition to your mask or favourite styling product.

Their rich textures will take good care of your hair and every product has its own specific properties: just choose the one that best meets your needs.

Like pure carrot oil for medium-thick curly and wavy hair.

Ideal for dry and brittle hair, it is a powerful source of Beta-carotene, a highly antioxidant substance rich in vitamins A and E, which are largely responsible for the health and beauty of our skin and hair.

These vitamins also play a key role in hair growth, helping to increase the thickness and strength of the bulbs.

Carrot oil can be used on dry ends or all over the hair as a restructuring mask.

There is also pure coconut oil, a complete beauty treatment and one of the oldest remedies for looking after our skin and hair.

Coconut oil is very versatile and its nourishing properties are simple incredible.

An irreplaceable aid for particularly dry or brittle hair and for combatting the frizz effect that often characterises curly and wavy hair.

Coconut oil can be used as a super moisturiser by adding it to your mask to improve the hydration of your hair, as a pre-shampoo treatment, left in for a few hours before washing, or as a glossy and super-nourishing finishing touch!

Curly hair needs constant hydration to stay defined and full-bodied.

That is why plant-based butters and oils make a great present for people with curly or wavy hair!

Curly Hair Kits

Christmas is the perfect time to discover our kits!

We have tapped into all of our expertise to create beauty routines that enhance all textures of curly or wavy hair!

Thanks to our kits you can gift somebody a complete haircare ritual, from shampooing through to styling without forgetting the hair mask!

We have divided them according to hair type to help you identify the products that best meet their needs.

Perfectly hydrated and full-bodied curls are the result of an attentive process that doesn’t stop with shampooing.

Choose from our selection of comprehensive curly haircare kits:

  • The AfroLove Kit, the perfect trio of products for taking care of particularly thick and frizzy afro hair;
  • the Curly and Wavy Hair Kit medium-thick texture, for hair that needs more hydration, definition and volume;
  • the Curly and Wavy Hair Kit medium-fine texture, designed to add volume to fine hair without flattening it;
  • the Sun Protection Kit, designed to protect curly hair, to use at the sea or by the pool to prevent the damage caused by salt, wind, chlorine and sun;
  • the CurlyKids Kit, designed to take care of children’s curls, with specific emollient ingredients to make shampooing the kids’ hair more enjoyable;
  • the CurlyMan Kit, containing the right products to showcase the specific qualities of men’s curly or wavy hair.

As well as the full size kits, there are also lots of travel size versions so you can take your favourite I Love Riccio treatments wherever you go!

All I Love Riccio products and treatments contain quality natural ingredients and are free of silicones, parabens and sulphates to guarantee perfect results with no compromises.

I Love Riccio Curly and Wavy Hair Kit

A kit of products for curly and wavy hair suitable for any texture. Gives definition, volume and elasticity.

I Love Riccio Curly and Wavy Hair Kit with Mousse

A kit of products particularly suitable for wavy and curly hair with a thin texture, that weighs down easily. Gives volume and definition.

AfroLove afro hair kit

A trio of products designed for super moisturized, supple and shiny afro curls: gives extra nourishment and softness, without weighing it down.

CurlyMan Kit

A trio of products designed for moisturized, supple and defined curls: prevents weakening and stimulates hair growth.

Complete CurlyKids Kit

Gentle shampoo, nourishing mask and styling cream: the complete kit for more supple, defined and healthy curls.

Gift Card

With the I Love Riccio gift card your friends or relatives can choose between purchasing a treatment or using it in one of our Salons!

Worth anywhere between €5 and €500, it offers plenty of flexibility and can be used to buy all I Love Riccio products and services!

Beauty services are often subjective and vary according to the person using them.

You can’t go wrong with the I Love Riccio gift card! The recipient will be able to choose freely from our specific treatments for any type of curly hair, exclusive Salon treatments and natural dyes with our Phytoterra range.

As you can see, we have plenty of gift ideas, so now it is over to you: surprise your curly friends and relatives by giving them the unbeatable gift of an I Love Riccio beauty experience for their hair!

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