Having perfectly defined curly hair isn’t always easy because this type of hair tends to be very rebellious, rejecting overly static and sculpted styles.

When you want to give your curls greater definition you can take a few simple measures or adopt particular drying techniques to facilitate the styling process and make sure your curly hair looks perfect!

As curly, wavy and afro experts, today we want to talk to you about a special hair drying technique called Plopping.

A simple technique that you can carry out without any specific tools: all you need is a bit of manual dexterity, a little time and… an old cotton t-shirt!

Keep reading this post to:

  • discover if Plopping is a suitable technique for your hair;
  • find out why you should use this technique and how to perform it perfectly.
Microfibre Towel for Plopping and Microplopping

Microfibre towel for plopping and microplopping, with practical pouch.

Who is plopping suitable for?

Plopping is a perfect drying technique if you have wavy (type 2) or curly (type 3) hair.

Another important requisite for choosing Plopping as a drying and styling method is that your hair isn’t too short.

In fact, as we’ll see in a minute, for optimum results you must be able to arrange your hair in the turban and leave it to dry for a minimum time period: if your hair is too short there is a chance it might slip out or come loose.

Plopping is also particularly indicated in the warm season, enabling you to avoid the hot blast of the hair dryer but also the total air drying of your locks which in curly hair can lead to the frizz effect and undefined and lifeless curls.

Why choose Plopping?

Those of you who have curly hair know all too well: styling instruments like hot irons, curling wands and straighteners are not suitable for styling, defining or making curly hair more elastic.

The reason for this is very simple: because of the heat they use to style your hair, these instruments tend to dry it out and eliminate its natural moisture with the evaporation of the water it manages to retain on the surface.

In curly and wavy hair, this means opening the door to public enemy number one of curly locks: the frizz effect, which once permanent is very difficult to eliminate.

Plopping, on the other hand, is one of the most common techniques for curling and defining your hair without using irons or other instruments that could prove very damaging.

The principle is that of allowing the hair to dry naturally, but without leaving it too free, in order to facilitate the formation of perfect, elastic locks.

Let’s take a look at the steps involved in the perfect Plop!

How to use it and its variants

Before Plopping, we recommend taking a few simple measures to prepare your hair:

  • first of all, wash your hair with a suitable shampoo for your hair type;
  • then apply an ultra-hydrating mask to all of the ends, leave in for the allotted time and rinse;
  • apply a few blobs of frizz-control cream to your hair, pressing your curls between your hands in an upwards motion.

Now you are ready to Plop!

    1. Get hold of a cotton t-shirt, long-sleeved ideally, or alternatively a microfibre towel.
    2. Open out the t-shirt on a fairly large flat surface (a table or any other surface) with the sleeves pointing down.
    3. Bend your head down, over the t-shirt, so that the ends of your hair touch the fabric and position your hair right in the middle of the t-shirt.
    4. Horizontally wrap the external part of the t-shirt (the part without sleeves) around the back of your neck and then do likewise with the other half to completely cover your hair.

Wait for between half an hour and two hours.

Once the waiting time has elapsed, gently remove the t-shirt and run your fingers through your curls to separate them naturally.

As a final touch, hold everything in place with a generous blast of hairspray and leave your hair to dry naturally in the open air.

Satisfaction is guaranteed with Plopping!

Your curls will look so defined and perfect that others will be green with envy!

Choose the best techniques for the beauty of your curly hair: try Plopping and get ready to be amazed!

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