The early bird catches the worm and this is particularly true when it comes to facial skincare!

Following a good night’s rest, the morning beauty routine is absolutely crucial for keeping your face looking young and your skin looking toned, firm, relaxed and free of lines.

The morning facial beauty routine consists of a handful of fundamental steps, each of which has a specific role to play in keeping your face looking radiant and helping you to kick off the new day on the right foot.

Are you looking for a few tips for your morning beauty routine? Keep reading this post to:

  • Discover the best face cleaning products;
  • Choose the right products to tone and nourish the face skin;
  • Learn more about the importance of protection from the sun and wind.
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Cleaning your face

Cleaning is the first step of the morning facial beauty routine and essential for removing all the impurities and residues of the night treatments applied the evening before from your skin!

Cleaning your face will give it an energy boost and prepare the skin for subsequent beauty treatments.

In order to cleanse your face properly, making sure the skin doesn’t become too sensitive and tight, you need to use the right cleanser.

Choosing the correct product, one which respects the balance and needs of your skin, is fundamental, particularly for avoiding cracked and red skin.

Skin cleanser formulas vary considerably and are designed to cater for all types of skin.

  • Face cleansing mousse. These cleansers have a very soft foamy texture and are ideal for deep but non-aggressive cleaning.
    Perfect for combination skin which tends to be oily.
  • Face cleansing milk. Products which, as the name suggests, are reminiscent of the texture of cleansing milk.
    Their main characteristic is that they don’t dry out the skin but leave it smooth right away, even faster than a cream.
    Cleansing milks are ideal for regular and combination skins.
  • Face cleansing oil. A very dense, full-bodied cleanser which leaves the skin super soft and hydrated.
    These cleansers are designed for very dry skins or mature skins, which require a face product that does not eliminate the skin’s natural defences.
Toning and nourishing the face

After washing your face with the most suitable cleanser for your skin type, it is time to tone and nourish your skin deep down.

Face toner has a similar texture to water and is able to rehydrate the skin and prepare it for the serum or cream that will be applied subsequently.

It can be applied to the face using a cotton bud or directly using a specific spray.

Once dabbed on, it dries quickly leaving the skin fresh and smooth.

Now it is time for your face treatment!

There are lots of different types – creams, serums and gels.

They differ in terms of their specific functions and for the type of skin they are designed for, whether combination, dry or oily.

Thanks to their active ingredients they can not only help you to deeply nourish your skin but also to eliminate uneven skin tone and little imperfections, such as acne and redness.

Let’s take a look at the most common types of face treatment:

  • Cream. A classic product and most women’s go-to solution!
    Creams have quite a rich texture, enabling them to hydrate and nourish drier and more mature skin as well.
    Remember to apply it to your neck as well as your face for a more comprehensive effect.
  • Serum. Serums are distinctive for their super-concentrated formulas packed with functional ingredients.
    With their liquid textures, serums are quickly absorbed by the skin and perfect as additional treatments before applying cream or on their own, perhaps during the warm season when you need to hydrate the skin without weighing it down.
  • Cream gel. These fresh and light face and neck treatments are perfect for combination or oily skins that tend to present various impurities.
    Quickly absorbed, these cool treatments are ideal for younger skins or those that need an easily absorbed facial product.

To complete your morning routine, don’t forget to wash your hair when you get up!

Washing your hair before beginning your facial skincare and beauty routine is a great way of kicking off the day with energy and vitality!

Use the same hydrating treatments on your hair as you do on your face, try the I Love Riccio hydrating kit specifically for curly hair which gives definition, volume and body to your hair with the best products for different textures of curly hair!

Protect your skin from the sun and wind

Sun protection should be applied to the face all year round.

The sun’s rays never go on holiday: to prevent dark blemishes and imperfections you should ideally use a good spf also in the winter and when you are in town during the summer.
The sun’s rays are one of the biggest contributors to premature skin ageing, responsible for blemishes and expression lines.

Thanks to the sun protection factor, you will be able to protect your skin appropriately.

You can apply it under your regular moisturising treatment, before your cream or make up.

These creams have a denser texture and are suitable for protecting the skin not only from the effects of the sun, but also from the other elements, such as the wind.

The same goes for your hair, especially during the summer. A little neglected until a few years ago, over time we have understood how our hair requires the same level of care and attention in terms of protecting it from the damaged caused by the sun and wind.

I Love Riccio has created a specific sunscreen kit to safeguard the beauty of curly hair.

Two products that are able to protect your curls from the damage caused by the sun, salt and chlorine.

The perfect complementary treatment for protecting your face and hair in the summer and throughout the year!

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