Accessories for
taking care of your curly hair

The perfect tools for completing your curly routine and taking care of your curls every day.

Once you have washed, treated and styled your hair, it is time to complete your curly, wavy or afro hair care process with the best possible accessories!

We have decided to share all the tricks of the trade with you and make the accessories that we also use in our salons available to you so you can look after and protect your hair also after shampooing.

Discover the products
Curl Type
Product Type
Hair Thickness
Silk Elastic Scrunchie for curly hair

Elastic silk scrunchie for curly hair, leaves no marks on hair.

Set of 3 silk scrunchie elastics

Silk scrunchie elastics for curly hair, leave no marks on the hair.

Scalp Brush

Scalp Brush for hair and scalp massage.

Gentle Detangler Brush

Lightweight, gentle and ergonomic detangling brush. Untangles curls without tearing or breaking the hair.

Rake Brush Detangler

An ergonomic and flexible detangling brush, that untangles hair quickly and easly.

Root Comb

Wide-toothed comb that lifts roots. Ideal for lifting the roots and adding volume.

Satin scarf for curly hair

Soft satin scarf suitable for protecting hair from frizz, both day and night.

Pro Conditioning Cap I Love Riccio

Flaxseed thermal cap: thanks to the heat generated, it improves the absorption of masks and oils.

Tip for top curls
Night-time Curly Routine tip

Use a pure silk pillowcase, it will help protect your curls also during the night and combat the frizz effect.

100% pure silk Anti-Frizz Pillowcase

Pillowcase made of 100% pure silk anti-frizz, ivory color.

Microfibre Towel for Plopping and Microplopping

Microfibre towel for plopping and microplopping, with practical pouch.

Curl Clips for curly hair

Curl Clips for adding volume at curly hair roots.

Traceless Hair Ring Curly Hair Band

Traceless Hair Ring for curly hair

Tinting Brush and Plastic Cape

Hair tinting brush and protective plastic cape

Wally Atomiser Spray Bottle for curly hair

High-capacity 360° atomiser spray bottle.

Anti-Frizz Satin Bonnet for curly hair

Ultra soft satin cap to protect curls overnight.

I Love Riccio Gift Card

I Love Riccio gift card makes the perfect present for yourself or for a friend or loved one with curly, wavy or afro hair.

The ideal tools
for completing
your curly routine

Revolutionise the way you look after your hair, choose beautiful, elastic hair at all times. Curly, wavy and afro hair deserves its own dedicated and targeted treatments that showcase its beauty and incredible vitality!

Accessories are very important in our field because they enable us to complete the work we have carried out, emphasising the results achieved with the products used for treating, washing and styling the hair.

Protected, healthy
and cared-for curls at all times

All I Love Riccio accessories are designed to enhance curly hair, respecting its shape, volume and density.

In fact, if you have curly hair it is essential to use products that do not create an antistatic effect, do not generate too much static electricity and that dry without altering the natural shape and direction of the locks. Only in this way can you combat the frizz effect and keep your curls hydrated and elastic at all times.

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of accessories:

Pillowcase in 100% pure mulberry silk, designed to eliminate the antistatic effect created when the hair rubs against cotton fabrics (like traditional pillowcases).

Towel in microfibre, the best fabric for facilitating the application of our styling products, ideal for ensuring that your hair doesn’t lose its fundamental moisturisation.

Curl Clips, to give volume to the roots of curly hair while drying without tearing or damaging it.

Antistatic combs and brushes to brush your hair without charging it with static electricity.

Accessories to help you dye your hair naturally with our Phytoterra products.

High-performance atomisers for the targeted application of our best curl-reviving products.

Satin bonnet to protect curls from rubbing against the cotton fibre of traditional pillowcases during the night.

Hair dryers and diffusers for the professional drying of your curly hair.

Choose I Love Riccio accessories and reap the benefits of the methods and expertise that Fulvio Tirrico has brought to the I Love Riccio salons in your own home.

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