The long curly cut is an undeniably striking hairstyle, one of the most beloved of classic cuts.

When it comes to the long cut there are plenty of falsehoods that have proven hard to kill, such as the idea that it is a simpler cut than others that doesn’t throw up any particular difficulties.

There is a tendency to think that only mid-length or short hair needs specific care and attention but of course this isn’t true because long hair, especially when it is curly, risks losing volume and becoming excessively flat if it isn’t treated properly.

Very long curly hair also tends to become frizzy, brittle and difficult to untangle.

In all these cases a cut can improve these typical problems associated with long hair, helping to give you light and fluffy curls.

Lovers of long hair can also reap the benefits of the X-CURL® patented by Fulvio Tirrico, Italy’s leading Curly Hair Expert, which will help your trusted Curly Hair Expert to identify more accurately, and without any surprises, the actual length and movement of your hair.

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Long curly hair isn’t layered

A long cut should be able to distribute the volume of the hair around the face in a balanced way because there is the risk that the excessive weight of the hair creates a flat effect on the top of the head.

For this reason, even if you want to maintain the length of your hair it is essential to put your trust in those who know all about this type of hair, i.e. a Curly Hair Expert.

Cutting curly hair is completely different to cutting straight hair: for example, thinning scissors, razors, clippers and styling razors are tools that must never be used to cut long curly hair as they are too damaging for the hair itself and its natural movement.

The long cut performed using the X-CURL® Method enhances the length while maintaining the natural dynamism of curly or wavy hair, a perfect option if you want soft, full-bodied and defined locks.

When your curly or wavy hair struggles to get the support it needs, perhaps because it is fine or thin, combine the right shampoo to use at home with a specific cut for curly hair.

2Gentle is the I Love Riccio shampoo formulated to fulfil this need, delicately cleansing your fine hair to give it maximum volume, support and hydration. For light and fluffy long hair.

Voluminous cuts for long curly hair

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: with very long lengths there is the risk that your hair ends up looking flat.

Our locks have their own specific weight and when they are long this weight tends to pull downwards, particularly if you choose a blunt cut, with no movement.

Having a long voluminous cut with curly or wavy hair is possible thanks to our X-CURL® cut system.

One unique feature of this cut is that it is performed strictly on dry hair.

That’s right, we cut your hair dry in order to avoid any nasty little surprises.

The method that Fulvio Tirrico has developed during the course of his long career, which has seen him become Italy’s leading curly hair expert, is based on the understanding that dry and wet hair has different lengths.

Curly hair can be up to twice as long when wet, which is why cutting it when dry enables you to perfectly control its length without chopping off too much.

And that’s not all! In the case of long hair, this technique guarantees a voluminous and fluffy cut without the frizz effect that typically forms when we put our trust in less experienced hairdressers.

You can also maintain the volume of your hair when washing it at home by choosing a shampoo that provides medium-thick curly hair with nourishment and hydration.

This particular hair type requires a shampoo that is able to provide the necessary support and prevent the hair from becoming too heavy.

Combining the daily use of our

Curly Shine shampoo

with a perfectly executed voluminous long curly haircut, your hair will acquire unparalleled shape and volume!

Long curly hair cuts with fringe

If you think that with long cuts and curls there isn’t much room for creativity then think again!

A fringe, for example, is an excellent way of adding style and creativity to your long curly hair, exploiting the different possibilities this cut offers.

You can opt for a light and textured fringe which is perfect for wavy hair and doesn’t require any particular care when drying. The secret is to make sure your fringe doesn’t become too heavy and develop the dreaded backcombed effect.

If, on the other hand, you think you look your best with a trendy hairstyle then we recommend trying a very popular variant of the fringe among women with wavy and curly hair.

We are talking about side-swept bangs, an excellent solution if you want a fringe that can be styled in different ways, depending on the occasion.

If you prefer a more classic look, the most suitable long curly hairstyle with fringe is definitely a cut with a full fringe.

This type of fringe is normally cut blunt but there are also irregular full fringes that adapt to the natural movement of curly hair.

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