Those with curly hair always dream of waking up in the morning with hair that is still defined, shiny and voluminous.

Unfortunately, however, the reality when you wake up is often quite different: hair can appear frizzy and dull, lacking definition and volume, sometimes even knotted. A frustrating situation, especially if the day before was Wash Day.

The night is a crucial time for the health of curly hair: without the right care it can, over time, become dry, brittle and fragile, thus more prone to breakage and split ends.

Why does this happen? And how do you avoid damaging your curly hair at night?

Let’s look together at the main causes of the problem and what is the ideal night-time routine to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of wavy, curly and afro hair.

Most common causes

Curly hair gets damaged overnight mainly due to two reasons: mechanical friction and dehydration.

The continuous rubbing of the hair on the surface of most pillowcases causes the appearance of knots, the onset of frizz and the loss of shine and definition. In addition to this, the twisting and turning movements that hair undergoes when turning and turning during sleep weaken the structure of the hair shaft.

Moreover, traditional cotton pillowcases (even the best quality ones!) tend to absorb moisture from the hair: an aspect not to be underestimated when it comes to curly hair. Indeed, their particular structure naturally prevents the scalp’s natural lipids from distributing evenly along the entire length and protecting it. In addition, the irregular cuticles of the hair shaft allow internal moisture to evaporate easily, making curly hair even more susceptible to dehydration.

Mechanical friction and dehydration then combine overnight leading to a progressive loss of definition, shine, volume and above all strength of the hair shaft, making it brittle and brittle.

Fortunately, there are common and very simple remedies to respect and protect the natural beauty of your wavy, curly or afro hair. Let’s look at them together in more detail.

Principal remedies

The secret to preserving the natural wellbeing and definition of curls overnight involves two precautions: avoiding moisture loss and protecting the hair.

1. Avoid moisture loss
To help your locks retain moisture and thus avoid excessive moisture loss, we recommend avoiding the use of cotton pillowcases. Better to opt for a pure silk pillowcase: it does not cause friction and helps prevent frizz, split ends, breakage and the formation of knots.

2. Protection
To minimise friction between the hair and the pillowcase while maintaining definition, both specific products and protective techniques, such as Pineapple, can be used. In practice, it consists of softly gathering the hair at the top of the head, thus avoiding pulling the roots, and fixing it with a special elastic for curly hair. It is a protective technique particularly suitable for long or very voluminous hair, as it prevents the front and back of the hair from flattening out.

Which accessories to use?

In addition to protective techniques, using the right accessories in the evening routine can further protect curly hair during the night.

  • Silk pillowcase: an excellent solution to preserve the natural beauty of curly hair also during the night. It is important that it is a pure silk pillowcase for curly hair because, as we saw earlier, cotton absorbs moisture from the hair. The roughness of the fabric also causes more friction, while silk, being smoother, prevents this without electrifying the hair and at the same time helps maintain the natural moisture within the hair shaft.
  • Silk scrunchies: unlike traditional scrunchies, which can tear the hair and leave marks, silk scrunchies are ideal for both picking up long hair during the day and Pineapple and protect it during the night.
  • Anti-frizz satin scrunchies: ideal for very voluminous or particularly long hair, can be used alone or in combination with other protective techniques. The ultra-soft satin reduces friction, prevents breakage and the appearance of frizz.

By following these precious tips and tricks, you can avoid damaging your hair overnight and wake up every morning with hair that is still defined, shiny and, above all, healthy and strong.

The combination of protective techniques and specific products for curly hair care is the best solution for preserving the natural beauty of wavy, curly and afro hair. Consistency, however, is essential. This is why we invite you to experiment to find out which solution best suits your specific needs.

And remember: there is no universal solution, valid for every person and every type of curl. There is the best one based on your uniqueness.

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