CurlyMan Curly hair line for men

When we talk about curly hair we automatically think of women’s curls and this is why this I Love Riccio line, dedicated to the beauty of men’s curly and wavy hair, represents such a novelty.

From the experience of Fulvio Tirrico, Italy’s no. 1 Curly Coach and the leading expert in curly, wavy and afro hair, comes the I Love Riccio CurlyMan line for men.

Three steps, three different products to guarantee nourishment, hydration, volume, support and definition but also to provide antioxidant substances, vitamins and minerals that oxygenate and strengthen the follicles, preventing the hair from becoming weak and stimulating its growth.

The formulas of our products contain natural ingredients and are free of parabens, silicones and sulphates.

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CurlyMan Clover Styling Cream

Men’s Styling Cream brings hydration, definition, elasticity and strength to your curls.

CurlyMan Kit

A trio of products designed for moisturized, supple and defined curls: prevents weakening and stimulates hair growth.

CurlyMan Bold Mask for Men

Moisturising and conditioning mask with an energising formula containing ginseng extract.

Drupe’n Wash Shampoo Uomo CurlyMan

Mild shampoo with antioxidant and moisturizing action.

Tip for top curls
For perfect styling

Apply the styling product lock by lock and scrunch your curls in the palm of your hand.

The specific line for men’s hair

Working with lots of types of curly hair, we understand just how different men’s and women’s curly hair is and how men need dedicated products to make sure their curls look great at all times.

If you have always found looking after your curls to be difficult or a bit of a bind it is because you have never found the right specific products to enhance your particular hair type. Until today. Thanks to our complete range of products your curls will be fuller, bouncier and more beautiful than ever.

Define, strengthen and nourishyour curls

Having well-defined curly or wavy hair at the peak of its potential is possible as long as you always use the right products.

The I Love Riccio men’s line consists of 3 specific products:

The shampoo, a delicate cleansing cream with an antioxidant and hydrating action, perfect for preparing the hair for the following treatments.

The deep conditioning mask, rich in nourishing plant-based oils essential for completing the hydrating process begun with the shampoo.

The styling cream, a hydrating and toning cream that is perfect for sculpting a defined style while also oxygenating the hair and strengthening the follicles.

We put all of the experience and expertise we acquire on a day to day basis in our Salons into our products.

For years the Curly Hair Experts in our Salons have used the I Love Riccio products every day on thousands of people with curly, wavy and afro hair, achieving truly exceptional results. Touching their curls with our hands and listening to their wishes enables us to understand the requirements we must take into account, the expectations we need to meet, and the desires we need to fulfil.

For this reason we have created cosmetic and treatment lines designed to provide any type of wavy, curly or afro hair with definition, volume and control.

From washing through to drying, treat your hair to a moment of genuine care and wellness and adopt a new curly routine that will produce the results you have always hoped to see for your curls.

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