If you are naturally curly and looking for a cut that breathes new life into your hair, eliminating the frizz effect and perfectly defining your curls, then you’ll want to keep reading this post!

The world of curly cuts is a realm unto itself and completely separate from that of straight hair.

Curly hair cannot be cut wet because, given the particular composition of this hair type, the length of wet hair is always much different to that of dry hair.

In fact, the difference in length between wet and dry curly hair can be as much as 75%.

By cutting curly hair when wet you run the risk of realising that you have chopped off too much only once it is dry.

Aside from this, curly haircuts must also take account of the different types of curls.

Let’s take a look at them together:

  • Type 2: wavy hair types, divided in turn into other subcategories that indicate level of “waviness”, texture and other characteristics;
  • Type 3: curly hair types, also separated into subtypes denoting level of elasticity, the circumference of the curl and the composition;
  • Type 4: “Coily curls”, which also include afros, the most particular type of curly hair. These types of curls are therefore completely different to type 3 curls especially in terms of the techniques used to look after them.

Curly hair has lots of different characteristics and the only way of guaranteeing a dry cut that respects your hair type is to go to a hairdresser that specialises in curly hair, like Fulvio Tirrico with his

exclusive X-Curl cutting system.

If you are looking for new styling ideas before making an appointment with one of our Salons, keep reading this post to learn about the best cuts for short, mid-length and long curly hair.

Short curly haircuts

There are various short cuts for curly hair that are able to improve definition even with reduced lengths. The important thing is to choose a cut that doesn’t suffocate the true nature of your hair.

If you go to an inexpert hairdresser for your short curly haircut there is the risk that they may chop off too much of your hair and completely eliminate the curly effect. This is especially likely to happen if they use tools like razors or styling razors, sworn “enemies” of curly hair.

This problem doesn’t exist if the cut is performed on dry hair without the use of these tools.

The most popular short curly haircuts among our customers include the bob with side bangs.

However, this type of cut isn’t recommended if your curly hair is soft, thick and voluminous: in this case shoulder-length hair is preferable.

Another excellent cut for short curly hair is the asymmetrical cut, perhaps leaving space for some bangs.

For very defined short hair, the key is to cut the hair following the natural wave of the curls.

Mid-length curly haircuts

If your personality or style leads you to choose a mid-length cut, perhaps because you are scared of cutting off too much or simply because you prefer an in-between look for your curly hair, no problem!

Once again there are lots of different mid-length cuts that can showcase your curls.

Where possible, we suggest opting for layered mid-length curly haircuts that follow the natural shape of the face to bring it out and give it more personality.

In these cuts the layering is gradual and not too abrupt.

The risk with a layered mid-length cut – again if it isn’t performed by an expert – is that of creating “steps” because of sudden changes of length. With curly and, perhaps, fluffy and frizzy hair, there is the chance this might result in an uneven effect, mitigating the natural wave of the hair which, on the contrary, should always be highlighted.

On the other hand, with a gradual cut that balances the volumes all over the head your hair will be voluminous and bouncy like never before!

Long curly haircuts

Finally, there are the incurable romantics who love the sensation of soft and perfectly fluffy hair that extends down their back. In these cases a long curly haircut is what’s required.

If suitably looked after and managed, there is no doubt that long curly haircuts can add a touch of irresistible charm to your appearance, greatly improving your self-esteem and self-confidence.

However, it is important to remember that in order to prevent your long curly hair from becoming frizzy and unmanageable, you will have to take steps to look after it.

For example, a long haircut must take account of the hair’s tendency to get damaged, especially at the ends, above all during times of stress or in the summer.

This is why, particularly if you have curly hair, one of the basic rules of haircare is to keep it regularly hydrated. Because curly hair naturally tends to dry out and turn frizzy, it must be constantly moisturised and softened with specific curly hair products.

So long haircuts, absolutely yes, but only if you are willing and able to look after them, perhaps devoting some extra time to ensuring your hair is always healthy!

With this type of cut your hair will once again mainly be worked on when dry so we know exactly how long it is when we cut it.

Whether your hair is the same length or slightly layered at the front, the important thing is that it falls “voluptuously” on the shoulders, maintaining the right volume.

The innovative X-Curl cut devised by Fulvio Tirrico will enable you to eliminate excess volume and lighten your locks without compromising the elasticity and shape of your hair.

Having come to the end of this long list of cuts for short, medium-length and long curly hair, we can say that the real secret to the success of your curly haircut is to only choose hairdressers who specialise in curly hair, who know how to take care of it effectively and who are able to help you keep it looking perfect also at home.

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