Bologna, May 28, 2024

We are excited to announce the opening of our new Atelier I Love Riccio in Bologna, located at 1H Largo Caduti del Lavoro Street. Starting May 28, we will be ready to welcome all clients who wish to enhance their curly, wavy and afro hair with personalized treatments and a unique experience.

Rely on professionalism, experience and exclusive techniques for curly or wavy hair care by choosing Atelier I Love Riccio in Bologna. A trained and knowledgeable staff is ready to treat every type of problem and need of wavy and curly hair, from pre-shampoo treatments to blow-drying, trained according to the exclusive method of Fulvio Tirrico, Italy’s No. 1 Curly Hair Expert and a reference point for anyone who wants to receive specific attention for their hair type, from wavy to afro.

The I Love Riccio Method always starts with a thorough consultation, during which your curly hair type will be determined and where you can tell us what your expectations are. Too often, those with curly, wavy or afro hair come to us after years of dissatisfaction in caring for their hair. Through the Atelier consultation, the enhancing aspects of your hair type will be focused on, for a strategy that is truly customized to your needs and respectful of your expectations.

After the consultation, the services chosen when booking or defined together with your Curly Hair Expert will be performed. All products used in our Ateliers are also available for sale, to allow you perfect management of your curls even at home, in complete autonomy.

At the I Love Riccio Ateliers, everything is focused on the natural beauty of curly hair: book your salon appointment and give your curls a unique experience, never experienced before!