Curly and wavy hair often has patches of particularly frizzy hair or an uneven volume.

This can be caused by several factors but is mainly due to a lack of hydration which can make curly hair frizzy and shapeless.

There are various strategies for preventing curly hair from going frizzy and losing its definition and shape, from specific cuts to choosing products designed to enhance your kind of curly or wavy hair.

Keep reading this post if you want to find out how to control the frizz effect in your curly hair and give it the correct definition with:

  • the specific X-Curl® cut;
  • specific intensive hydrating masks;
  • a complete Curly Routine for ultra-defined and elastic curls.
I Love Riccio Curl Switch® Nourishing Mask

A nourishing and moisturising mask ideal for curls with medium to coarse texture.

I Love Riccio Balby Cream® Super Moisturising Mask

Highly moisturizing and nourishing mask indicated for curls with coarse texture.

Glorification Mask Maschera Super Idratante AfroLove

Maschera super idratante, ricca di burri e oli vegetali nutrienti, emollienti e antiossidanti per combattere la secchezza.

Specific cut

Those who have curly hair are often reluctant to go to the hairdresser probably because they have never found a real expert in this type of hair who is able to maximise it with the right kind of cut.

In fact, cutting curly hair can be very good for your locks!

The right specific cut will make it possible to reproportion the volumes of your hair and give it the perfect form.

If your hair is particularly damaged as a result of repetitive aggressive treatments, such as dyes, bleaching, perms or the use of instruments like flat irons, in all of these situations cutting your hair is the only viable way of restoring its full health and giving it new life!

To ensure you don’t go wrong, try the exclusive X-CURL® cut patented by Italy’s leading Curly Hair Expert Fulvio Tirrico, used in all I Love Riccio Salons in Italy!

The unique thing about our cut is that it is carried out on dry hair.

In his long experience with curly hair, Fulvio has learnt that the risk of a bad cut is greater with a wet haircut.

In fact, when it is wet curly hair can potentially double in length!

By carrying out only dry cuts, the I Love Riccio Curly Hair Experts are able to understand exactly how much hair can be chopped off without losing volume, definition and length.

Come and see our Curly Experts for guaranteed personalised consultancy on the best cut not only for your hair, but also for the shape of your face.

Frizzy hair mask

Another good way of combating and eliminating the frizzy and puffy effect is by choosing a curly hair hydrating mask suitable for your type of hair.

One distinctive feature of masks is that they are rich in functional ingredients, which are transferred to the hair during the conditioning treatment.

With their full-bodied texture containing butters and vegetable oils, they are genuine superfoods for your hair and, in the case of curls, definitely the most suitable post-shampoo treatment.

In fact, masks provide deep-acting hydration, repairing the layers of the hair bulbs furthest from the surface.

Even after just one use, your hair will be noticeably softer and easier to comb.

For fine and particularly frizzy hair, choose a mask that is also suitable for your texture so it acts on the problem without weighing down your hair!

In all our Salons, but also on the website, you will find useful practical suggestions for identifying your hair type and choosing the right product to ensure perfect results!

Products for curly and defined hair

Once you’ve rinsed off the mask it is time to style! In this case too it is essential to choose the right styling product to ensure your curly hair is defined and voluminous.

Which texture is best? Our styling products have different characteristics, suitable for enhancing different types of curly hair. To guarantee perfect volume also for finer and thinner hair and frizz control in thicker and more unruly hair, you must therefore choose your cream, mousse or gel depending on the thickness and porosity of your hair.

Model your hair with your hands and fingers to give form and definition to individual locks and after evenly distributing the product to all of your hair dry with an ionic hair dryer and diffuser.

These measures will also contribute to reducing static and the frizz effect in your hair.

Curly hair can often go frizzy but with the tips of those who have been taking care of curls for a lifetime you will be able to identify the perfect solution for your locks!

For defined curls with no surprises!

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