Styling for curly hair

Styling is the essential final step in ensuring your curly hair is nicely defined and voluminous

After washing your curly or wavy hair and hydrating it with the right mask, it is time to think about its shape and definition, in other words the styling process. I Love Riccio styling products have been formulated to obtain definition and volume and eliminate the frizz effect. Just what you were looking for!

The formulas of the I Love Riccio products contain natural ingredients and are free of parabens, silicones and sulphates. Formulas that guarantee results and maximise your curls: as Curly Hair Experts we use the products ourselves on thousands of customers with wavy, curly and afro hair in our Salons.

Discover the products
Curl Type
Product Type
Hair Thickness
AfroLove Bulking Cream Styling Cream

Moisturizing and shaping cream styling for more supple and defined afro curls without frizz.

Magic Curl Reactivator Refresh Spray I Love Riccio

Refresh Spray ready to use, quick application and immediate effect.

Just Waves Styling Spray I Love Riccio

Styling Spray with light and invisible hold, enhances wavy hair by making it more defined and soft.

Super Builder Styling Cream Curl Save’n Safe

Styling cream specifically designed for wavy and curly hair sensitized by chemical and physical treatments, such as bleaching and ironing with straightener or hair dryer.

I Love Riccio Rock’n Go® Styling Cream

Cream styling for supple, defined and voluminous curls. Ideal for all curly hair types.

I Love Riccio Rock’n Go® Mini Size 100ml

Cream styling in mini size for supple, defined and voluminous curls. Ideal for all types and textures of curly and wavy hair.

I Love Riccio Delicious Curl® Styling Mousse

Styling mousse for defined and voluminous curls. Ideal for medium to fine textured hair.

I Love Riccio Delicious Curl® Mini Size 100ml

Styling mousse in mini size for defined and voluminous curls. Ideal for hair with medium to fine texture.

Tip for top curls
How to apply styling products

Distribute the product, lock by lock, to wet hair and scrunch your curls in the palm of your hand.

I Love Riccio Twist’n Go® Styling Gel

Gel styling for soft, nourished and super-defined curls. Ideal for hair with medium to coarse texture.

I Love Riccio Floo Cream® Refresh & Leave-in Cream

Refresh & Leave-in Cream Revives Curls. Definition, elasticity and hydration even in the days after washing.

CurlyKids Lou Modelling Cream

Elasticising anti-frizz styling cream with anti-frizz formula for defined and shiny curls.

CurlyMan Clover Styling Cream

Men’s Styling Cream brings hydration, definition, elasticity and strength to your curls.

I Love Riccio Gift Card

I Love Riccio gift card makes the perfect present for yourself or for a friend or loved one with curly, wavy or afro hair.

Time to style

To be perfect, curly hair styling products must have very specific characteristics: they must protect the hair from the heat of the hair dryer, continue to nourish curls deep down and, most importantly, enhance every texture.

The I Love Riccio styling products for curly hair have all these characteristics and, by using them, you will discover that getting your hair looking its best isn’t so difficult, also because application is simple and the effects immediate.

Curly hair styling,
definition and final volume

Our curly hair styling products are specifically designed to nourish, define and give volume to your hair

The end goal in all cases is defined curls.

Delicious Curl® is our volumizing mousse for fine or thin hair. If not treated with specific products that take account of its idiosyncrasies, fine hair risks being weighed down. Our Delicious Curl mousse is designed to provide volume while remaining light, with a hydrating complex that protects from the heat of the hair dryer.

Rock’n Go® is our go-to styling product, one of the most used by the hairdressers in our Salons. Designed for medium-thick curly hair, it reactivates curls and deeply nourishes the hair to ensure maximum definition and volume.

Twist’n Go® is an extraordinary styling gel for curly hair. Designed to provide definition without being sticky or creating an overly flat and sculpted curly effect, it is perfect if you want to remove the frizz effect from your curls without weighing them down.

Floo Cream® is the “day after” styling product! How many times, on the days after shampooing, have thought how wonderful it would be to have a product that is able to revive your curls without you having to wash them again? Our answer to this is Floo Cream, the incredible styling product that revives your curls!

CurlyKids Lou Modelling Cream: who said that kids’ curls don’t deserve a dedicated styling product? Our CurlyKids modelling cream is designed to remove the frizz effect from the curls of young children, for a complete curly hair routine from infancy onwards.

CurlyMan Clover Cream: the men’s styling product for hydrated, defined, bouncy and vibrant curls. If you need a toning and restructuring treatment then this is the product for you!

AfroLove Bulking Cream is our hydrating and modelling styling cream for more elastic and defined afro curls, with maximum hold and control of the frizz effect.

Magic Curl Reactivator, Refresh Spray ready-to-use no-rinse, fast application and immediate effect. Designed specifically to be sprayed on dry hair, it brings curls back to life by making them hydrated and defined again in the days after washing.

Just Waves, styling spray with light, invisible hold, specially designed to enhance wavy hair by making it more defined and soft, without frizz.

Super Builder Styling Curl Save’n Safe, styling cream specifically for wavy and curly hair sensitized by chemical and physical treatments, such as bleaching and straightening with straighteners or blow dryers.

All I Love Riccio products are designed to enhance the different types of curly hair, emphasising the natural movement of your hair.

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