Do you want to know how to best look after your afro hair?

This article might be of interest also if you have a sister or friend that doesn’t know how to control this rebellious yet beautiful type of curly hair.

First of all, let’s explain the most important thing: how afro curls are structured.

It might seem strange, but contrary to what you might think this kind of hair is rather delicate and fragile. At first glance it might look strong and robust but in reality it has a number of unique characteristics that we will now look at in detail.

Afro curls have a fine structure which means they are easily damaged and tend to dehydrate quickly.

The typical dryness of afro curls is due to their reduced production of sebum and high porosity. The tightness of the curls also makes them difficult to detangle.

So how best to look after this type of hair?

Let’s take a look at our targeted tips on what cut to choose, how to dry this hair type perfectly and what haircare products to use.

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Perfect drying

After talking about the cut, you’ll definitely want to know how to perfectly dry your curly afro hair.

There are various techniques but one thing you should always do after washing is to pat all your hair dry with a towel, preferably in microfibre.

Your best friend when it comes to perfectly drying your hair is the diffuser: by using the hair dryer with this excellent tool for curls you will be able to dry your locks to perfection without touching your hair and risking creating the frizz effect.

If you want longer curls point the diffuser downwards; if you want tighter curls, collect your hair in the diffuser and dry like this.

Another trick is to leave your hair slightly damp and air-dry to finish.

If you want to learn more about this part of the drying process you can read our article on how to dry afro curls.

Another technique suitable for afros is plopping; this method is particularly indicated if your hair isn’t too short.

You will need a cotton t-shirt or microfibre cloth, which should be placed down on a flat surface.

When you have done this, bend your head down over the cloth: position your hair ends in the centre of the cloth and try to fold the other side horizontally over the back of your neck, covering your entire head.

To finish, twist the ends like a sweet wrapper and fasten in place with two clips at the base of the neck.

Wait for half an hour, an hour at the most, then remove the cloth or t-shirt, running your fingers through your curls to separate them naturally.

Now leave your hair to air dry naturally: your curls will be voluminous and elastic!

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Choose the right products

Finally, an important part of caring for curly afro hair is definitely choosing the right products.

Shampoo, Co-wash, mask and styling products specially formulated for this hair type are practically a must if you really want to take care of your hair.

We at I love Riccio, who have specialized in curly hair for years now, have also thought about the care of this particular hair type.

In our stores and online shop you can find, in fact, a line of products for afro hair: Afrolove.

But how should the products be for this type of hair?

Certainly the texture of mask or conditioner must be particularly creamy or oily to moisturize and nourish them, as well as to detangle and protect them.

Substances with strong nourishing, emollient and detangling properties, such as coconut and avocado oils, or shea butter, should appear in the composition of shampoo and mask.

The shampoo, or rather Co-wash, should wash the hair but at the same time moisturize it without weighing it down, and it should perform an anti-frizz function.

Obviously, an essential step for afro curls is to choose a specific styling product: these must be formulated with oils, butters and substances with high nourishing and moisturizing power.

Afro curls do, in fact, require special hydration, and the styling product to be used should be formulated specifically for your hair texture.

We hope these tips on how to take care of curly afro hair have been helpful to you, keep following our blog if you are a lover of the curly world.

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