Men’s and women’s hair have a different structure so tips valid for female hairstyles may not necessarily prove effective for men’s hair!

That said, curly men also like to have full-bodied, voluminous and perfectly defined hair!

In this post we offer some top practical tips for taking perfect care of men’s curly hair.

An easy beauty routine that you can adopt right away to prevent the frizz effect and ensure you have perfectly defined and voluminous hair, even with very short locks!

Keep reading this post to discover:

  • which specific curly hair drying techniques to choose;
  • which men’s curly hair products to introduce to your curly routine to completely eliminate the frizz effect;
  • which accessories can help you control and manage the static effect.
Drupe’n Wash Shampoo Uomo CurlyMan

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CurlyMan Bold Mask for Men

Moisturising and conditioning mask with an energising formula containing ginseng extract.

CurlyMan Clover Styling Cream

Men’s Styling Cream brings hydration, definition, elasticity and strength to your curls.

Drying makes the difference

Let’s start with the correct drying of curly hair because this is one area in particular where we tend to make lots of mistakes!
Incorrect, aggressive drying that does not respect curly hair and its natural waves will result in a fuzzy, frizzy hairstyle lacking definition.

Ideally, it would be preferable to air-dry our hair.
This type of natural styling is highly suitable for curly hair but we also know that it isn’t always possible to leave our hair free to take its natural form without intervening with a hair dryer and styling brush.
Although men’s cuts are shorter, it is obvious that drying our hair this way, particularly in the winter, isn’t always very pleasurable!

This being the case, you might want to reach for the hair dryer, but if you do, make sure you choose one with diffuser and active ions.

Ion technology helps the hair prevent and reduce the frizz effect, leaving your curls defined and full-bodied.
At the same time, the diffuser will help dry the hair evenly with a controlled jet of air that is never too strong.
Thanks to the diffuser, your curly hair will be compact and well defined, with very similar results to those achieved by air-drying.
If drying with a professional hair dryer, set an intermediate speed and avoid pointing the warm jet too close to your hair.

Men’s products for eliminating the frizz effect

Choosing the right washing and styling products makes a big difference when looking after curly hair.
Curly hair needs to be hydrated deep down with specific ingredients that perform this important role without weighing it down too much and without eliminating its natural volume.

The curly routine with I Love Riccio anti-frizz products for men’s curly hair consists of 3 specific treatments from washing through to styling.

Start by washing your hair with Curly Man Drupe’n wash, a treatment that not only provides excellent hydration but also performs an initial conditioning function to make your hair easier to comb and manage.

The ginseng extract and vitamin and mineral complex in this specific shampoo for men’s curly hair will help regenerate and stimulate the activity of the follicles, preventing the weakening of the hair while at the same time stimulating its growth.

After washing, a nourishing mask is ideal for guaranteeing your curly hair the extra hydration that it needs.

To look after men’s curly hair, we have created a specific mask, the Bold Mask from our Curly Man line.

The key ingredient is once again ginseng, which stimulates the scalp and nourishes curly hair deep down.

At this point, you can complete the drying process with a volumizing styling cream!

Even if you have short hair, it is still a good idea to use a quality product for providing definition and volume when drying in order to avoid the frizz and fuzz effect that can occur with curly hair if we don’t look after it properly!

For the styling process you can choose our Curly Man Clover Styling Cream.

This is the ideal product to use when scrunching with your fingers before drying to create form and definition.

Packed with vitamins and minerals that carry out a specific action on men’s locks, the cream also contains ginseng, which prevents the hair from weakening.

Choose the right accessories

When taking care of your curls, accessories also play a key role in maintaining the volume and definition of your hair!

Curly hair requires extra care and attention also after shampooing and washing and for this reason we have selected a number of “indispensable” anti-frizz accessories for curly hair to keep your locks looking great between one wash and the next! 

To prevent men’s curls from going frizzy and puffy, one accessory we highly recommend is a microfibre cloth, to use in place of the classic cotton towel after shampooing.

Patting curly hair dry with a classic terrycloth towel after shampooing is not a good idea!
The cotton of these towels absorbs too much water and deprives curly hair of its natural moisturisation and the protective oils that characterise this type of hair.

You run the risk of finding yourself with an ultra-frizzy hairstyle after blow drying!

Conversely, microfibre cloths guarantee the right level of absorption, leaving just the right amount of moisture in the hair so you can apply your styling cream and scrunch perfectly!

Your hair will have less static and will be easier to manage and style as a result.

As the leading curly and wavy hair experts in Italy, we know just how important it is also for curly men to take proper care of their hair!
Follow our advice, choose our products and get your hair back to its best!

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