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Display your “curly pride” with our t-shirts!

Having curly hair is like being part of a big family. Wear the I Love Riccio t-shirts and spread the joy of being curly with the rest of the world! A shirt that will talk about you and your hair.

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I Love Riccio Don’t Touch My Curls t-shirt

Cotton T-shirt with printed wording ‘Don’t touch my curls’.

I Love Riccio Keep Calm and Love Your Curls t-shirt

Cotton T-shirt with printed wording ‘Keep calm and love your curls’.

You are part of
a big family

Those who have curly hair usually feel like part of a big family

We know: curly hair requires particular care and attention compared with straight hair types. Furthermore, until not long ago having voluminous, wavy and rebellious hair meant having to make do using products not specifically designed for its particular characteristics.

The results? Dull, flat curls that were very difficult to manage and maximise. This trend has been completely reversed by Fulvio Tirrico who, in his role of hairdresser and curly hair coach, immediately recognised the absence of a specific approach dedicated to this type of hair.

By fine-tuning his method and cutting technique, his products and treatments, Fulvio has been able to focus the attention on curly hair, showing everyone how beautiful and vibrant it can be if treated in the right way!

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I Love Riccio

Share your joy at being curly with the world with our t-shirts!

Don’t touch my curls!

How many times have people touched your curls to see what they feel like? If curly hair is touched too often it loses shape and volume though and so apart from when you are shampooing it your curls shouldn’t be touched by anyone, ever! How can you make people understand this? Simple, wear a t-shirt telling them to keep their hands off!

Keep calm and love your curls!

Curly hair is a lifestyle and taking care of it requires time and effort. So, stay calm and love your curls, keeping them looking great every day!

The I Love Riccio t-shirts are a fun way of letting everyone know how much you love being curly and looking after your hair. The I Love Riccio merchandise is a light-hearted way of feeling part of our group of curly, wavy and afro hair-loving customers and professionals.

Fun accessories that say lots about us and our passion for hair. The I Love Riccio products and treatments are the same as the ones we use in our Salons and have long set us apart, emphasising our passion for this specific type of hair, whatever its texture.

Take the experience and expertise of Fulvio Tirrico home and choose the I Love Riccio products not only when you have to cut your hair but every day for voluminous, hydrated and defined locks every day.

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