Rome, May 20, 2024

I Love Riccio, the Italian pioneer in curly hair care and treatment, is pleased to announce the opening of its second Atelier in Rome. Founded in 2015 by Fulvio Tirrico, the company has been dedicated exclusively to the beauty and care of curly hair for more than 10 years, offering tailor-made solutions for all types of curls. Starting May 20, the Curly Hair Experts will also be ready to welcome customers in the St. John’s neighborhood, offering customized treatments for curly, wavy and afro hair.

We are excited to bring our experience and passion to this new location as well, to help every client express the beauty of their curls and their natural enhancement to the fullest,” – says Salon Director, Francesco Trazzera, former Director of the Rome Atelier at Via delle Quattro Fontane 111.

Wella Professionals, the world’s number one salon color brand, and I Love Riccio signify the perfect union of two excellences in the service of beauty sanctioned by Wella’s deep and long experience in hair coloring, which is expressed in a complete portfolio of coloring products to achieve any look, from the boldest to the most natural and luminous, offering innovations for over 140 years that promote the creativity of hairdressers, together setting a standard of excellence in the service of curly women.

“Our partnership with I Love Riccio was born because we both start from the care and love for curly hair, which requires special attention to be always shiny, moisturized and elastic. Coloring,” comments Eleonora Pistani, Brand Pr Wella Company, ‘therefore plays a fundamental role in keeping them healthy and well nourished.

The new space of about 300 square meters in Via Gallia No. 200 is distinguished by a unique atmosphere and distinctive design: large open spaces, artistically decorated walls that emphasize the contemporary style of the environment. Here, thanks to the exclusive I Love Riccio method, the experience becomes something truly special and unforgettable. The I Love Riccio Ateliers, now with the new salon in Via Gallia n° 200 in Rome, have become eight throughout Italy, distributed among Milan, Bergamo, Rome, Catania and Turin. The opening of the new salon in Bologna is imminent, and more openings are planned in 2024 and 2025 in numerous Italian cities. This testifies to the constant and unstoppable growth of the brand, which continues to conquer
new territories and satisfy more and more customers with its expertise in curly and wavy hair.

I Love Riccio and its network of salons were created with the goal of celebrating and enhancing the natural beauty of each individual’s wavy and curly hair to best express their personality and meet their needs. “Anyone who crosses the threshold of one of our salons knows they are part of the largest Curly Girl community in Italy,” says founder and CEO Fulvio Tirrico. The I Love Riccio brand was born from the deep dedication of Fulvio Tirrico, creator of the X-Curl® cutting method and dedicated product line. The Method consists in finding the right care and treatment for curly hair, a real path in which each client, thanks to the help of a Curly Hair Expert, achieves unique and personal results in terms of volume, definition, style.

All I Love Riccio products, used in all Ateliers in Italy on more than 30,000 clients who rely on our services each year, are an integral part of the Method. The Classica, CurlyKids, CurlyMan, AfroLove and the Curl Save’n Safe lines have formulas free of parabens, silicones, sulfates and formaldehyde ceasers, are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, enclosed in 100% recycled plastic packaging.

About I Love Riccio

In 2015 in Milan, Fulvio Tirrico founded I Love Riccio, an Italian brand pioneering the art of caring for and treating all types of curly hair, from wavy to afro. His intuition was to meet the need of those who wanted to enhance the beauty of their curls through a specific method of care, transforming this vision into an innovative business model.

This process, based on continuous study and experimentation, has enabled the creation of specific and targeted solutions to meet the unique needs of more than 20 types of curly hair. The mission of the I Love Riccio brand is marked by constant research and study of the characteristics and evolution of curly hair, both in salon treatments and product formulation. This process, based on continuous analysis and experimentation, has made it possible to create specific and targeted solutions for this hair type, thus guaranteeing targeted and satisfactory results for each client.

I Love Riccio today is a fast-growing multichannel company with 5 direct salons (2 in Milan, 2 in Rome and 1 in Bergamo), 3 franchise salons (Turin, Catania and Milan) and a development plan for 15 more openings throughout Italy. I Love Riccio has a successful e-commerce and more than 20 I Love Riccio Points for the resale of products among perfumeries, pharmacies, parapharmacies, herbalists and cosmetic stores. I Love Riccio can be called a Love Brand with over 200 thousand followers on social channels. In 2022, I Love Riccio is among the top 450 Italian companies driving economic development, with an average annual growth rate of 29.70 percent.