No.1 brand in Italy for wavy and curly haircare

I Love Riccio is the leading specialist Italian brand in the care and treatment of all types of curly hair, from wavy to afro.

Our story

The story of Fulvio Tirrico and his passion for curly hair

The founder of I Love Riccio is Fulvio Tirrico, Italy’s leading expert in curly hair treatments. Fulvio is able to fulfil the needs of those that want to optimise their curls thanks to a specific method developed to take care of this particular hair type.

Fulvio has over twenty years of experience. Over the course of his career he has travelled widely, working backstage on important sets and photo shoots in major European and international capital cities.

He began to develop his idea in New York, during a collaboration with a leading hairdressing salon, observing the approach and the treatment used to maximise curly, wavy and afro hair types

I Love Riccio’s growth
in numbers
+ 20 years of training

Fulvio Tirrico’s twenty years of experience at an international level has given him the opportunity to always come up with new, creative, and improving ideas for techniques to care for curly hair.

+ 5 Salons

The number of Atelier I Love Riccio has increased steadily over the past few years!

+ 20 I Love Riccio Points

I Love Riccio products are sold by more than 20 exclusive retailers in Italy to ensure that our expertise is as close to all Curly Lovers as possible.

+ 30 Curly Hair Experts trained across Italy

Our Curly Hair Expert team is growing larger and bigger: up to now, there have been over 30 professionals trained directly by Fulvio Tirrico who have gained knowledge of the I Love Curl Method and the X-Curl cut.

We bring out all the natural beauty of wavy, curly and afro hair.

The approach that Fulvio has developed and which he continues to teach all Curly Hair Experts in the various I Love Riccio Salons is based on highlighting the natural beauty of curly hair.

The desire for healthy curly hair, showcased in all its natural beauty, is a wish that I Love Riccio can make come true. And not just in our Salons: thanks to the products of our specific range and the advice of our Curly Hair Experts, you can achieve the same results also at home on your own.

The I Love Riccio brand is born from the close study of this hair type and all its needs. Thanks to this analysis activity, which continues today, Fulvio Tirrico has developed the Method, the X-CURL cut and the entire range of I Love Riccio branded products used by our Curly Hair Experts on around 30,000 customers every year in our Salons.

The aim is to make you feel proud of your curls in all their natural beauty. With I Love Riccio you will learn the secrets to optimising and taking care of them, keeping them healthy and hydrated at all times.

The I Love Riccio brand has grown over the years thanks to the professionalism of Fulvio Tirrico and his passion and in-depth knowledge of the characteristics and needs of curly, wavy and afro hair which he proudly shares with the I Love Riccio team of Curly Hair Experts today.

Our adventure began with a Salon in Milan and continues to grow:

  • 5 I Love Riccio Salons across Italy
  • Over 20 I Love Riccio Points selling our products
  • A staff of over 30 trained and skilled Curly Hair Experts
  • A range of haircare products and specific treatments that guarantee excellent results
  • An exclusive method that fully satisfies the needs of our customers

I Love Riccio
from birth until today

  • The experience in London – Vidal Sassoon Academy
    Fulvio attends the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Academy in London, mother of all the most important hairstyling schools in the world.

  • NYC Academy’s adventure
    The period at the New York Academy allowed Fulvio to enter more closely into the world of curls and learn the different techniques used to cut and work curly hair and super curly hair, widespread in those years in New York thanks to the strong presence of the Afro culture, which was inspiring.

  • I Love Riccio and the 1st Atelier in Milan
    Back in Italy Fulvio Tirrico founded the brand I Love Riccio with the subsequent opening of the first Milan Salon, Atelier 52, that over the years becomes the home for the care of curly hair.
    Taxi drivers have nicknamed Via Bartolini ‘La via dei ricci’ over the years because they are used to accompanying customers from all over Italy to our Atelier.

  • The second I Love Riccio Atelier opens
    The opening of Atelier I Love Riccio 49 in Milan, alongside I Love Riccio 52, has made it the biggest salon for curly hair care in Europe with an area of 300 square meters.

  • New Ateliers and I Love Riccio Point
    From 2019 to 2022, I Love Riccio will continue to grow: new Ateliers will open and more retailers will sell I Love Riccio products, including our I Love Riccio Points, across the country.

  • A new Atelier opens in Catania
    In 2020 a new Atelier is opened in Catania with a staff prepared and competent ready to treat any problem and need of hair wavy and curly according to the technique of Fulvio Tirrico.

  • I Love Riccio arrives in Rome
    I Love riccio arrives in the capital: in 2021 the first Atelier I Love Riccio is opened in Rome.

  • The expansion continues: new Atelier in Turin and over 20 I Love Riccio Point
    The exponential growth of the brand continues, confirming itself with the opening of a new Atelier in Turin. In addition, more and more new I Love Riccio Points, retailers of I Love Riccio products, are opened.To date there are more than 20 in all of Italy and Europe.

The exclusive X-CURL® cut
specifically for curly and wavy hair

Fulvio’s experience over the past 20 years has helped develop and strengthen his brand, I Love Riccio, which is now the primary Italian reference point for those who want to transform their curly hair.

Each trip has given Fulvio the opportunity to have new creative ideas and develop reflections on the best techniques to take care of curly hair, up to the exclusive cutting technique that represents the synthesis of the professionalism and passion of Fulvio in the care of the hedgehog: the cut X-CURL.

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