I Love Riccio method

The I LOVE RICCIO Method developed by Fulvio Tirrico, Italy’s leading Curly Hair Expert, consists of finding the right path for meeting your curly, wavy and afro haircare and treatment goals.

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A specific Method for the optimum care of your curly hair

Fulvio Tirrico and his staff have used their experience and expertise to create the I Love Riccio Method with the goal of exalting and showcasing curly and wavy hair.

Fulvio Tirrico identified the lack of specialisation in the care of curly hair in Italy and after years of study and experience in the field opened the first salon dedicated exclusively to this type of hair in Milan.

His passion and dedication to his work have made him the leading Curly Hair Expert in Italy, a genuine reference point for all those that have learned to appreciate and showcase their curls thanks to him and his brand.

Fulvio and his staff have used their experience and expertise to develop a specific method consisting of targeted steps designed to meet the real needs of curly hair.

The steps of the
I Love Riccio Method
In-salon consultancy

Consultancy is the first step of our method. In this phase, a Curly Hair Expert analyses your hair in one of our salons to understand how we can fulfil your desires. This is a key moment for identifying the most suitable cut for your curls, the right washing and drying techniques, and also the best haircare products to use at home.

X-CURL® cut

Once we have identified your type of curls, it is time for the exclusive X-CURL cut designed by I Love Riccio. This cut is carried out exclusively on dry hair to take account of the difference in length between dry and wet curly hair. At this point your hair will be further enhanced and defined using specific styling techniques.


Your Curly Hair Expert will identify the most suitable styling technique for the type, texture, porosity and density of your curly hair. Together you will choose the most suitable treatment for your curls for an end result that is sure to get heads turning!

Specific products

I Love Riccio is also a line of specific products, used by our staff in the salons. With the support of your Curly Hair Expert you’ll be able to identify the most suitable products and treatments for your curls so you can also take care them on your own at home. High-performance formulas containing natural ingredients with no parabens, silicones or sulphates. Designed to enhance different hair textures and guarantee optimum results in all types of curly hair.

Online consultancy

Our Curly Hair Experts are always
available to offer personalised consultancy also online. You can write to us directly via the I Love Riccio Instagram and Facebook accounts.

What makes the
I Love Riccio Method unique?

The innovativeness of the I Love Riccio Method lies in the personalisation and study of techniques tailored to meet people’s differing needs. I Love Riccio will act as your Personal Trainer for the care and treatment of your curly hair so you can achieve your goal quickly, effectively and with long-lasting results.

This is possible thanks to our Curly Hair Experts, who will help you define every step to maximise your curly or wavy hair and identify the most appropriate products for your hair.

You can count on us at all times, even after your appointment at the salon. You can write to us via our social media accounts, in Instagram Direct or in the Facebook Community, with any doubts or questions you might have and we will give you all the support you need to make best use of our products, also at home.

Check out the before and after shots of the amazing transformations made possible by the I Love Riccio Method.


  • Successful because it is precise and tailored to your type of curly hair.
  • Unique because the I Love Riccio brand is the first in Italy to focus on curly hair both in the salon and with a specific product line, which we use every day on our customers with incredible results.
  • Specialised because every day we work exclusively on curly and wavy hair; I Love
  • Riccio products are used on thousands of customers in our salons every day.
  • Reliable because every year around 30,000 customers visit our salons or purchase specific products for their curly routine in our online shop.

Click on the images to hear the stories of our customers and see their before and after pictures, the results of the I LOVE RICCIO METHOD

Your experiences

“Curly hair has its own culture, if you love straighteners, irons and hair dryers then it’s not for you…”

Your experiences

“Not only did Fulvio accept the challenge of a tricky case like mine, he gave new hope to my curls!”

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