Do you have a friend or sister with curly afro hair? Do you want to get them something to help them look after their wonderful locks?

In this article we will talk about some of our haircare products for afro hair but above all why this type of hair is so unique and how we can best look after it.

First of all, what is afro hair? It might seem strange, but contrary to what you might think this kind of hair is rather delicate and fragile.

In fact, afro curls have a fine structure which means they are easily damaged and tend to dehydrate quickly; they are also drier than Caucasian and Nordic hair.

That’s not all, afro hair also produces less sebum and, as you can imaging, is very difficult to detangle because of its tight curls.

In general, products for afro hair must have a particularly creamy or oily texture in order to hydrate and nourish the hair, as well as detangle and protect it.

With years of experience in curly hair, at I Love Riccio we take also care of afro hair: you can find a specific range of products for this particular hair type.

Now let’s take a look at a few suitable Christmas gifts for your friend with the wonderful curls: original ideas designed specifically for her unique locks.

AfroLove Super Moisturising Glorification Mask

Super moisturising mask, rich in nourishing, emollient and antioxidant vegetable butters and oils to combat dryness.

AfroLove Bulking Cream Styling Cream

Moisturizing and shaping cream styling for more supple and defined afro curls without frizz.

AfroLove Magnifish Cleansing Co-Wash Cream

Co-Wash cleansing cream with an emollient and anti-frizz action, to nourish in depth without dehydrating.

Modelling cream for afro hair

As you already know, if you have curly hair you need to take special care of it every day in order to keep it strong, healthy, elastic and defined.

And even more so if you have type 4 afro hair. This type of curly hair is very fragile, porous and has a tendency to become frizzy.

As such, it is really important to take care of it with an appropriate curly routine consisting of suitable washing, conditioning and drying techniques and specific products.

As mentioned above, our team has put together a complete kit specifically designed to take care of afro hair; use these products and your curls will be soft and bouncy, pleasant to touch and frizz-free.

If you have afro hair with extremely tight coils that tend to turn frizzy, styling products are a fundamental part of your haircare routine.

Just for you I Love Riccio has created AfroLove Bulking Cream, a specific styling cream for this type of hair.

This product contains a blend of pure natural butters and oils and gives your afro curls all the hydration they need, as well as leaving them soft and shiny.

Perfect if you want to braid them!

Bulking Cream is applied to lengths and ends, dividing them into horizontal sections of about 4/5 centimetres.  Use an olive-size portion of the product on each section.

Your hair must be sopping wet, not just damp; distribute the afro styling cream all over your hair, working well into every lock.

Finish by scrunching your curls in your hand, squeezing them as you get nearer the scalp.

Dry with a diffuser and avoid touching your hair as this will make it easier to style.

When it is dry, reactivate the modelling cream for afro curls by very gently massaging your hair.

Afro hair line

Now we’re going to tell you about the afro hair products created especially for you by the team of I Love Riccio experts.

The product line is called AfroLove and is designed to make you fall in love with your afro curls, as beautiful as they are difficult to look after.

What is the biggest enemy of this type of hair? Easy, the typical frizz effect that frequently occurs.

Fear not: from today you can look after your hair in a simple but truly effective way, keeping your curls hydrated with products rich in butters and oils to prevent them from drying out.

As with all types of hair, there are three steps to follow: gentle wash, correct nourishment and hydration with a mask, and the application of a suitable styling product for your type of hair.

Let’s begin with the shampoo, or rather AfroLove Magnifish Cleansing Co-Wash Cream.

This cleansing cream is specifically designed for afro hair and enriched with pure natural ingredients like shea butter, avocado and coconut oil, and wheat protein.

Blended together, these substances have a powerful nourishing and softening effect while also deterring the frizz effect. You can apply it in the usual way, emulsifying with lukewarm or hot water, massaging the scalp and the lengths, and then rinsing.

Continue your afro haircare treatment with our AfroLove Line by using the super moisturizing Glorification Mask.

Like the shampoo, it also contains shea butter and the other substances in the Magnifish cleansing cream.

The I Love Riccio Glorification Mask will help you to repair and strengthen your afro hair, leaving it shiny and nourished at the same time; you will also be able to detangle and comb it more easily.

As with all masks, apply it to lengths and ends, detangling your curls and leaving in for about 5 to 15 minutes.

As for the styling product, the Bulking Cream, you will find all the necessary information in the previous paragraph.

Gift Card

We have looked at the recommended products for afro hair but if you are worried that your friend with the gorgeous curls might not use them, or would prefer to choose their own, then all is not lost.

All you have to do is get them an I Love Riccio gift card. Just choose the value of the voucher and leave them to decide which products they would like to purchase.

A great idea, isn’t it? That way, you won’t have to worry that you have chosen the wrong kit and your friend will be able to appreciate a personal and subtle gesture and the opportunity to take special care of their unique locks.

The I Love Riccio Gift Card can be loaded with any amount between €5 and €500 and the recipient can use it to purchase products from our online shop or the various I Love Riccio Salons in Milan, Rome, Catania and Turin.

We hope you’ve found these afro haircare tips useful, especially if you are looking for Christmas gift ideas. Keep following our blog if you are a wavy hair lover and want to find lots more information on this topic.

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