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Check out our accessories, including our brushes and combs specifically for your curly or wavy hair.

If you have curly hair you will be well acquainted with knots and know just how difficult it can be to get rid of them. When your hands aren’t enough you can use the accessories we have designed specifically to help with this task. Make these professional accessories an integral part of your curly routine for easy to comb hair: use one of our specific masks during the washing phase too and you won’t have to worry about the dreaded frizz effect anymore when drying.

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Scalp Brush

Scalp Brush for hair and scalp massage.

Gentle Detangler Brush

Lightweight, gentle and ergonomic detangling brush. Untangles curls without tearing or breaking the hair.

Rake Brush Detangler

An ergonomic and flexible detangling brush, that untangles hair quickly and easly.

Root Comb

Wide-toothed comb that lifts roots. Ideal for lifting the roots and adding volume.

Antistatic Wooden Comb for curly hair

Antistatic wooden afro comb: detangles curls without breaking, pulling or stressing them.

Antistatic comb with handle for curly hair

Anti-static comb with handle: maximum detangling without frizz.

Brush with Silicone Cushion for curly hair

Brush with silicone cushion

I Love Riccio Gift Card

I Love Riccio gift card makes the perfect present for yourself or for a friend or loved one with curly, wavy or afro hair.

Easy to comb hair
with no frizz effect

Even though we always say that it is better to use your hands to detangle your curls, in some situations it is practically impossible.

Even though we always say that it is better to use your hands to detangle your curls, in some situations it is practically impossible because of the tightness of the curl and the texture which tends to knot at the root, along the lengths and at the ends.

Sometimes there can also be other issues that make it difficult to use the hands in these cases (lack of strength in the fingers or limited movements), hence the need to use a tool like a brush or comb.

Tips for the optimum
detangling of curly hair

The best way to detangle hair is to apply a mask and delicately comb starting from the ends.

Combing curly hair every day does not fit with our primary goal of preserving the health and beauty of our hair. For some of us it will remind us of when we were children and our parents brushed our hair to eliminate the knots, creating the exact opposite of what we should have been aiming for: a frizzy, messy mass of hair (with lots of tears shed by us) rather than defined curls.

Ideally, it is best to start detangling the majority of our hair with our hands when it is dry, delicately beginning with the ends and gradually moving up along the lengths. Afterwards, the best way to detangle any remaining knots is to apply a mask after shampooing and gently comb the hair beginning at the ends. In this way we will eliminate the knots but also any hair that has fallen out or broken, re-energising the scalp. As the frizz effect is one of the biggest problems in curly hair, we have selected the best combs and brushes made from antistatic and anti-frizz materials for you and your curls.

The frizz effect can be caused by the hair rubbing against both fabric fibres, such as towels, and brushes and combs.

Check out our accessories and choose the most suitable one for your hair:

• Antistatic wooden afro comb;

• Comb with antistatic handle;

• Brush with silicone cushion;

Having curly hair means taking special care of it every day and, as well as using the best washing and styling products, not underestimating the importance of accessories. Always choose products designed and created to give your hair everything it needs.

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