Curly hair is often regarded as easy hair to manage that doesn’t require any particular care or attention.

In reality, like all other hair types, curls also need a specific action plan if you want perfect results.

By “perfect curls” we mean defined and full-bodied curls with good support and volume at the roots.

All of which is very difficult to achieve without specific and targeted products.

At I Love Riccio we have been focused on the health and beauty of curly, wavy and afro hair for over twenty years and in this post we want to tell you about two key techniques for achieving perfect curls!

Keep reading this post to discover:

  • what the L.O.C. method consists of;
  • what the hair regimen is;
  • what the differences between these two methods of looking after curly hair are.
L.O.C. method

The acronym L.O.C. is the key to the healthiness of your hair. Let’s see what these three letters stand for!

The first letter of the L.O.C method is L for liquid.
The main aim of this hydrating phase is to prepare the hair for the following steps.
To create a moisturising product, combine mineral water and aloe vera in a spray bottle.
Mineral water contains less scale than tap water and is therefore more indicated for combating the frizz effect.
Make sure to spray this simple mixture over all your hair and then move onto letter O, which stands for oil.

You can choose between a genuine vegetable oil and a very rich, full-bodied butter.
This is a key step because the oil serves to retain the humidity that was distributed in the previous phase, creating a protective film that will maintain optimum hydration levels.

To conclude, we have C for cream.
This is the final stage, a key finishing step particularly for those that want to fortify their curls and give them the perfect form.
Choose a frizz-control product with a soft, rich texture that seals the root fibre to perfection.

It is best to opt for a no-rinse treatment that preserves all of the hydration work carried out in the previous steps.

Hair regimen

Planning your hair treatments is a good way of making sure you obtain various benefits and perform a truly comprehensive beauty routine.

A hair regimen is a useful tool for achieving this goal, a genuine haircare agenda structured according to the characteristics of your curls.
This method is particularly indicated for those that want strong, healthy hair at all times.

Over a month, decide on the various treatments you want to carry out on your hair, respecting 3 key criteria:

  • moisturisation;
  • nourishment;
  • reconstruction.

To ensure your hair gets the moisturisation it needs, add a specific hydrating mask to your hair regimen. You can use the natural ingredients usually contained in these products, such as rice protein, flax seeds, macadamia oil, aloe and honey, as your reference.

For the nourishing phase, add specific nourishing masks to your agenda. These normally contain olive oil, coconut oil, aloe and argan oil.

Reconstruction is third and final stage in the hair regimen and also the most delicate because it mustn’t be abused over time.
It serves to replenish your hair as well as to provide the vitamins, protein and amino acids it needs, making it strong.
This phase should be carried out at least once a month and the result will be a stronger and fuller head of hair.
Specific masks are used for the reconstruction phase, usually containing keratin, jojoba oil or avocado extract.

Differences between methods for ensuring perfect curls

As you will have seen when reading the descriptions of the various methods, in the case of the L.O.C. approach a series of products is applied in sequence with the goal of restoring the optimum hydration of the hair.

This method is particularly indicated, for example, during the summer, when long exposure to the sun, wind, salt and chlorine of swimming pools can deprive the hair of its natural protective barriers.

The hair regimen, meanwhile, is a broad beauty treatment that encourages you to carefully plan your use of various haircare products over single months and, as a result, the course of the entire year.

These methods can be combined, depending on the specific needs of your hair, and you can choose the hair regimen over the course of the different seasons, opting for the L.O.C. method when your hair bulbs look particularly dry or dehydrated.

If you would like to receive personalised tips on your curly hair and choose the best products for a perfect L.O.C. method and hair regimen, put your faith in the experience of the I Love Riccio Salons.

Our Curly Hair Experts will be delighted to help you choose the best care techniques for your hair and suggest the best I Love Riccio branded products to keep it looking beautiful at all times.

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