Sometimes it is not so simple to get from your hair everything you want: definition, elasticity, brightness and softness.

We know well how the curls, a gift of natural beauty, require special attention to reach the maximum of their splendor. But imagine you can turn your curls into an explosion of harmony and strength, enhancing every single wave or curl. It is precisely here that the Fitagem comes into play: a real ally, even for the health of curly hair.

Fitagem, a styling technique born in the vibrant land of Brazil and then spread around the world conquering in a short time the hearts (and curls) of many people, takes its name from the Portuguese verb fitar, or “define”, “fix”.

But it is not just a simple method of styling: it is an invitation to discover the true essence and authentic nature of curls, enhancing definition, elasticity and brightness.

Let’s see what are all the steps to follow to perform a Fitagem to perfection.

Wash your hair with shampoo and nourishing conditioner

For an impeccable FItagem, you have to start from an important first step: washing.

Choose a mild shampoo, free of sulfates and silicones, able to cleanse without stripping aggressively the hair of their natural oils. Massage the scalp with circular movements to stimulate blood circulation and then rinse well.

Then apply a nourishing balm focusing on the lengths and tips: this will help keep your hair soft and hydrated, ready for the next steps.

Further soften the hair with a nourishing mask

To keep your curly hair healthy and strong, treat yourself once a week, or according to the needs of your hair, a moment of well-being and extra pampering with a moisturizing and tonic mask.

Choose a mask rich in natural ingredients – such as shea butter, coconut oil or aloe vera – to deeply nourish your curls and make them soft, elastic and bright. You can try one of the kits with shampoo and moisturizing mask for curly hair, choosing it according to your type of curl and your needs.

Apply the mask to damp hair and leave it on for 5 to 15 minutes depending on the texture of your hair. Finally, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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Microfibre Towel for Plopping and Microplopping

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Argan Oil

Fortifying, antioxidant and brightening oil for very dry curls.

Coconut Oil

Pure moisturising, sublimating and softening oil; nourishes and restructures dry and damaged curls.

Jojoba Oil

Strengthening, antibacterial and sebum-balancing oil for oily skin and hair, with softening and nourishing action.

Carrot Oil

Strengthening and protective vitamin oil for especially dry and brittle curls.

Castor Oil

Restructuring, fortifying, revitalising oil for silkier, shinier curls.

Towel dry your hair with a specific microfiber towel

If you still haven’t, it’s time to say goodbye to the terry cloth: replace it with a microfiber towel for curly hair.

But why can choosing microfiber instead of cotton make so much of a difference?

  • Cuticle protection: the microfiber is incredibly gentle on the hair. Its fine and smooth structure minimizes friction against the hair, protecting the outer cuticle from damage. Terry towels, with their rougher surface, can instead lift and damage the cuticle, making hair more brittle and susceptible to breakage.
  • Reduction of frizz: the microfiber significantly reduces the frizz, unlike terry towels that, creating more friction, increase it.
  • Efficient absorption and greater definition: thanks to its fine structure, the microfiber absorbs moisture in a uniform way thus avoiding that some sections of the hair remain too dry while others too wet. This will help to get a uniform definition of the curls on the entire crown.
  • Easy styling: towel-dried hair with a microfiber towel makes styling easier. Without cuticle elevation, frizz and potential damage caused by terry towels, the curls retain their natural shape better, requiring less time and products to achieve the desired look.

In a nutshell: the microfiber towel is a valuable ally to keep your curls healthy, strong and defined over time.

Then, gently dab your hair to remove excess water, without rubbing, and prepare for the next steps of the Fitagem.

1. Apply curling cream and hair oil

The heart of Fitagem lies in the strategic application of two key products: styling cream and curly hair oil. On damp hair, spread the mix of cream and oil over the entire length of the hair, strand by strand, to the ends. Divide the hair into sections to distribute the products evenly: the smaller the sections, the easier it will be to cuddle strand by strand, and the better the result.

Curly styling cream provides hydration, nourishment and control, while curly hair oil adds shine and controls frizz in case of external moisture.

But be careful not to exceed with doses: you could weigh them down, especially if you have fine hair.

2. Scrunching

Now it’s time to shape curls with scrunch (or scrunching). Take a few strands and place them in the palm of your hand, then push your hair upwards, from the tips to the roots, and gently squeeze. Scrunch gently to encourage curls to form as spontaneously as possible, without forcing them into an unnatural form.


Gently dry your curls

To dry your curly hair perfectly, you can opt for air drying or with hairdryer and diffuser, but never touch the hair in both cases.

If you use the diffuser, remember to set a moderate temperature to avoid possible heat damage. Tilt the head downwards and continuously move the diffuser to distribute the heat so that it does not concentrate on a specific point: this will facilitate a uniform definition of the bushings.

The Fitagem: ritual of care and beauty

Fitagem is not just a styling technique: it is a beauty ritual that embraces and celebrates the naturalness of your curls.

Remember: each hair is unique, and the Fitagem is a very versatile technique that can be customized to get the best results based on the different type of hedgehog.

Find out which version works best for you and let your hair shine:

  • Fitagem light: ideal for fine or wavy hair, uses less product and provides partial air drying to maintain lightness.
  • Fitagem with co-wash: perfect for dry or frizzy hair, replaces the shampoo with a co-wash for extra hydration.
  • Fitagem with gel: for extra-defined and long-lasting curls, use a modeling gel in addition to styling cream and curly hair oil.

With the Fitagem technique you will celebrate the uniqueness of your hair: what are you waiting to explore and enhance the unique and natural beauty of your hair?

It’s time to try it and let your curls talk about you!