CurlyKids curly hair line for children

If your child has curly hair you already know: washing it is never easy!

Children’s hair tends to get knotty very easily which is why detangling curly hair can be a real challenge! Discover the CurlyKids curly hair line for children. Our line for children’s wavy, curly and afro hair was born from the understanding that taking care of their hair when they are still small is the best way of loving it forever!

An ultra-delicate no-tears formula with softening organic chamomile extract and oat extract and super hydrating and nourishing coconut oil and jojoba oil.

The CurlyKids curly hair line for children does not contain silicones, parabens, SLS, SLES, sulphates or allergens and consists exclusively of ingredients of natural origin.

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CurlyKids Ariel Hydrating Shampoo

Gentle soothing with no-tears formula for moisturised and soft curls.

Complete CurlyKids Kit

Gentle shampoo, nourishing mask and styling cream: the complete kit for more supple, defined and healthy curls.

Tip for a sweet and fun shampoo
No more tears!

CurlyKids products do not sting if they get in the eyes of our children.

CurlyKids Lou Modelling Cream

Elasticising anti-frizz styling cream with anti-frizz formula for defined and shiny curls.

CurlyKids Charlie Nourishing Mask

Nourishing and detangling mask with an anti-wrinkle formula for nourished and soft curls.

Ultra-delicate products

Children’s hair is delicate and requires specific products that are not aggressive on the skin.

Consisting of an ultra-delicate shampoo, nourishing mask and modelling cream, all of the products in the I Love Riccio CurlyKids line are formulated with the emphasis on gentleness and maximum tolerability.

The entire CurlyKids line has exceptional nourishing and detangling properties, essential for the straightforward elimination of all knots from our children’s hair.

Specific curly hair line for children, natural and no-tears

The CurlyKids range is essential and comprehensive:

Hydrating shampoo, with a gentle no-tears formula designed to hydrate the delicate hair of children deep down.

Nourishing and detangling mask, a deep nourishing mask which, thanks to its hydrating and elasticising properties, eliminates the frizz effect from your child’s curly hair and makes it easier to detangle and comb.

Modelling cream, a hydrating and elasticising cream that revitalises and defines curls eliminating the frizz effect.

Natural and delicate ingredients to make hair washing a gentle moment of tenderness

Chamomile and oats are two natural ingredients known for their softening and emollient properties which will take care of your child’s curly or wavy hair without ever being aggressive. The no-tears formula will give you peace of mind even if the product gets in their eyes, something that happens all too frequently when washing the kids’ hair!

Coconut oil and jojoba oil stand out for their super-nourishing action which will hydrate your children’s hair deep down for defined and full-bodied curls.

Establish the perfect curly routine for your kids when they are still small and opt for the experience of I Love Riccio and the exclusive CurlyKids curly hair line for children when it comes to washing their hair.

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