Is frizz always around the corner and definition fades in a few hours? Or perhaps your hair is so porous that it never retains enough moisture, resulting in dry, brittle hair? Fortunately, there is a simple way that can revolutionise your curly hair care routine and give you amazing results: the Praying Hands Method.

Imagine a beauty ritual in which your hands, joined in a prayer-like gesture, gently glide over your locks. This movement distributes the styling product evenly and helps you control frizz.

In this article, we will discover what the Praying Hands Method is and how to do it: it will become an indispensable ally in maintaining defined curls for a long time, transforming the hair care routine into a moment of pure pleasure and sweetness.

Praying Hands Method

The Praying Hands Method is particularly loved by those with tight or wavy curly hair and is based on a movement in which the hands, joined as in prayer, flow gently through the hair. The gesture, simple but precise, allows you to distribute styling products evenly, without weighing down the hair, and define each hedgehog with little effort while fighting frizz.

The advantages of the Praying Hands Method

The Praying Hands Method continues to gain popularity due to the many benefits it can offer.

1. Deep hydration

One of the most common problems of curly hair is dryness caused by the difficulty of natural oils in the scalp to reach the ends and loss of hydration. By distributing the styling product for curly hair with the Praying Hands technique, each strand receives an even amount of moisture and nourishment. The movement of the hands, in fact, allows the product to wrap the capillary stem, so that it can better retain moisture and penetrate the hair.

2. Reduction of frizz

Frizz can often be a consequence of high external humidity, lack of protein in the hair stem or the high porosity of the hair – which then leads the hair to lose hydration with greater speed – and curls are more susceptible to this because of their irregular structure. By applying the product evenly and gently with the Praying Hands Method, a barrier is created that “seals” the hair cuticle. This helps to protect the hair from external moisture, so as to prevent frizz even in adverse weather conditions, as well as also seal the hydration and nourishment inside the hair.

3. Effective distribution of the product

The uniform distribution of the product is important to obtain well-defined curls. The Praying Hands method allows you to apply it along the entire length of the hair in a homogeneous way. When the hands slide along the strands, the product is distributed to the tips with extreme simplicity.

4. Reduction of porosity

High porosity is a common challenge for many curly hair. The very porous hair in fact tend to absorb excessive moisture from the environment, resulting in the effect “swollen and frizzy”, and at the same time quickly lose internal hydration, resulting in dry and brittle hair. The Praying Hands Method helps to lower the tiny scales of keratin that form the cuticle of the hair, thus creating a better sealed surface and less susceptible to external climatic conditions and moisture loss.

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When to do it?

The Praying Hands Method can be integrated in various moments of your hair care routine to get the best results:

  • After washing: use this method to apply styling products to damp hair to promote better definition and hydration.
  • During the refresh: in the days after washing, you can slightly moisten the hair and apply the styling product with the Praying Hands Method. This will help revive the definition, preventing the curls from weighing down or that the hair loses volume.
  • Minimize frizz: this technique is particularly useful to control and prevent frizz, especially in conditions of high humidity. You can enhance the effect by using specific products for frizzy hair.


What are the steps?

Following the right steps is essential to get the best results with the Praying Hands Method, and it is really quick and easy (we assure you that it is longer to read than to do!). Here are all the steps:

  • Prepare your hair: after washing your hair, or having them moistened if you are doing a refresh, Show them in sections. This will make the application of the chosen styling product more precise.
  • Apply the styling product: distribute the right amount (will depend on the length, thickness, porosity and texture of your hair) of product on the palms of your hands. Lightly warm the product by rubbing your hands together.
  • To execute the movement “to prayer”: take a section of hair in the joined hands, as in prayer. Slide your hands together on the hair, moving from top to bottom, and gently pressing your hands against each other. This will help you distribute the product evenly, make it penetrate better towards the inside of the hair and lower the cuticles of the capillary stem.
  • Scrunching and drying: once you’ve done the Praying Hands Method all over your hair, scrunch to stimulate curl formation and definition. If you don’t remember what scrunching is, it involves taking small sections of hair and crumpling them towards the scalp. Then proceed to drying, outdoors or with a hairdryer and diffuser at medium-low temperature, without ever touching the hair, and enjoy the result!

Remember: every strand of hair tells a story. With the Praying Hands Method, that story can be one of radiance, vitality and beauty. Whether you are looking for a way to improve your daily routine quickly or a way to control stubborn frizz, the Praying Hands Method may be the solution you were looking for to get defined, hydrated and shiny curls.

It gives you a quick and easy way to get the most out of your beautiful hair and could become an essential part of your Curly Routine without you even noticing!