Tutorial for perfect curly hair

Watch the videos and find out how to make optimum use of the I Love Riccio products at home to achieve salon-worthy results.

Watch the videos and learn how to best use I Love Riccio products.

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Tutorial SuperCurly Booster

The innovative Protein Rebuilder that will redefine your curly hair, leaving it thick, voluminous and toned and restoring its natural waves! Ideal for reconstructing bleached and dyed hair or hair that has been dried out by chemical treatments.

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Tutorial Kit for medium-thick curly hair

A hydrating kit suitable for all medium-thick curls that need more hydration, definition and volume.

A complete curly routine kit that will provide all the elasticity, softness and volume that you have always desired.

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Tutorial Kit for medium-fine curly hair

A kit that will provide all the elasticity, softness and volume that you have always desired for styling that leaves your curls soft and full with no wet or dry effect. Ideal for wavy or curly hair that needs volume.

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Tutorial Primer Oil

Primer oil is a highly nourishing pre-shampoo containing natural oils, ideal for hydrating and nourishing your curls before washing.

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Tutorial Maschera Balby Cream

Balby Cream is a genuine concentration of nourishment containing maize oil, horse chestnut oil, dog rose seed oil, coconut, argan and macadamia oil. A super nourishing and super hydrating mask.

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Tutorial Shampoo Silver Curl

Silver Curl is a delicate and nourishing shampoo, excellent for eliminating the gold and red tints of dyes and highlights.

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Excessive dryness and frizz are among the most common problems for those with curly hair: in addition to making it more dull and dehydrated, they also cause a greater tendency for knots to form, thus complicating its management and definition.

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3.01.23 Hairstyle
Best 3 styles for short and curly hair

You have an important dinner or a special event coming up and you’re not sure what to do with your short curly hair? Don’t worry, there are lots of great solutions for you too.

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