Taking care of curly hair in the summer is a priority for those that want beautiful, full-bodied and voluminous hair also at the warmest and muggiest time of year.
As we have reiterated more than once, the summer can be a very risky time for curly hair because the sun, the salt and the chlorine and chemicals in swimming pool water can leave it looking dull, lifeless and dry.
With summer on the way, thanks to the tips of I Love Riccio you’ll be able to learn all the secrets for looking after your curls during the holidays and making sure your locks are as beautiful and full-bodied as ever come September!

Choose ultra-moisturising and protective products

To restore the silkiness and shine of your hair during the summer, especially if it is particularly dry and dehydrated, one special natural ingredient is shea butter, perfect for adding substance and vitality to curly hair.
Shea butter leaves the hair incredibly hydrated, elastic and shiny and can be used after washing, combined with your favourite styling product.
Once applied to all of the hair, leave for about 5-10 minutes before drying.
Ideal for 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b and 4c curls, this remedy is packed with essential acids and vitamins A and E, and is therefore a genuine concentration of vitality for taking care of your curly hair in the summer!

Another very effective solution for taking care of curly hair in the summer is using a specific hydrating kit for curly hair, such as the I Love Riccio hydrating kit made up of our three best products for moisturising curly hair.

This kit includes:

  • Curlshine cleansing cream;
  • Curl Switch deep hydration mask;
  • Rock’n Go styling cream for soft and super-defined curls!

The results? Silky, soft and revitalised curly hair.

I Love Riccio CurlShine® Hydrating Shampoo

Hair texture Medium-Thick Curls

I Love Riccio Curl Switch® Nourishing Mask

A nourishing and moisturising mask ideal for curls with medium to coarse texture.

Rock’n Go® Styling in Crema I Love Riccio

Styling in crema per ricci elastici, definiti e voluminosi. Ideale per tutte le texture e tipologie di riccio.

Kit Capelli Ricci e Mossi I Love Riccio

Un kit di prodotti per capelli ricci e mossi indicato per qualsiasi texture. Dona definizione, volume ed elasticità.

Protect hair with bandanas and hats

Looking after your curly hair in the summer can also mean playing around with particular hairstyles and looks in which accessories like hats, bandanas and foulards play a central role.
These accessories will not only help to create a unique beach look, they will also protect your hair from the sun, wind and salt.

One great summer hairstyle for showcasing your curly hair is the Curly Pin-Up, the perfect hairdo for those that love a bit of glamour.
Created in the 1950s and developed through until the 1970s, the Curly Pin-Up has become trendy again thanks to the renewed interest in particularly curly and voluminous hairstyles.

When we talk about curly pin ups we mean the style sported by Sandy from Grease, for example, or the bolder looks of women like Gloria Gaynor, the unmistakable voice of the famous song “I will survive“.

The first step is to get hold of an irreplaceable accessory for this type of summer style: a hairband, preferably with a metal core to ensure optimum hold.

Bunch the hair together on the top of the head, modelling the waves with frizz-control oil: a perfect result, which can also be obtained using a bandana in the most fashionable shades of the season!

Use a shampoo that removes salt

During and after exposure to the sun, salt and solar radiation can lighten the hair, even turning it a blonde colour that many women will love to show off.
This goes for hair with a natural tendency to go blonde, but what about all the other types?

Hair that turns a reddish colour, typical of brunettes, or, even worse, the regular bleaching that occurs after particularly aggressive dyes, also very distant in colour terms from the natural and original shade of the hair, tend to be less popular.

Exposure to the sun and salt is certainly not advisable for coloured hair because as well as completely, or almost completely, altering its colour, it can leave it frizzy and damaged, giving it an unattractive straw-like appearance.

This can be prevented only by taking pre-emptive action with products that protect the hair from the effects of typical summer elements, such as specific sprays and treatments to use before and after exposure to the sun or swimming in the sea.

I Love Riccio has always paid close attention to the wellbeing of the hair also during exposure to the sun and our specific sun kit for curly hair is an excellent starting point for protecting your hair on the beach and ensuring all traces of salt and chlorine are eliminated.

The kit contains two products, a protective oil and a cleansing cream which, used daily, will produce extraordinary results in terms of protecting your hair from UV rays and salt during the holidays!

Apply hydrating masks

Working on the hydration of your hair is an excellent way of preparing it for the heat, solar rays and salt it will be exposed to during the summer holidays.

As curly hair experts we never get tired of repeating that constant hydration is one of the key secrets to beautiful curly hair all year round.

Hydrating masks applied after shampooing are certainly the perfect ally for achieving this goal.

In our store you’ll be able to find the most suitable mask for your hair type, such as our Delight Milk, for example.
This rinse-off mask is specifically designed for fine curly hair, which in the summer is subject to stress and tends to get tangled in a very particular way.

Its benefit is that it hydrates and adds volume without weighing down the hair, a very important characteristic in the summer when we tend to wash our hair more frequently.
Also available in a travel size version, it will be the perfect holiday companion for your curly hair!

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