How to comb curly hair without damaging it? Behind such a seemingly trivial question actually hides one of the many little secrets for maintaining strong, healthy hair over time. And no less important, the secret to untangling tangles without pain.

Combing curly hair without breaking, weakening or tearing it can indeed seem a challenge. Not to mention the great confusion on this subject, on how to do or not to do.

You have undoubtedly heard at least once: ‘Curls can never be combed dry!’ or ‘Curls can never be combed wet!’.

Before we find out which steps to follow to detangle curly hair while respecting its structure, we must dispel this very common doubt: should curly hair be combed dry or wet?

In general, the suggestion is to always comb them dry because when wet they are more fragile. By absorbing water, in fact, the hair shaft lengthens and loses some of its tensile strength. Furthermore, the cuticles tend to lift, making the hair even more susceptible to breakage.

However, it is also possible to comb wet hair after applying conditioner. These products, in fact, thanks to their formulation, make the hair more detangled and easier to comb, making it easier to comb through with fingers or a brush, without the risk of breakage.

Remember: when it comes to curly hair, there are no universal rules that apply to everyone. Different types of curls may have different needs, and their natural beauty lies in their uniqueness.

Whatever the case, there are two key words to always keep in mind

gentleness and patience. Because our curly hair deserves to be treated every day with care and love.

But going back to the initial question: how can curly hair be detangled without damaging it? All it takes is a few tricks and the right tools: let’s find out!

1. Dividing hair into strands

Dividing the hair into sections allows you to have more control while detangling it, thus avoiding creating additional knots, tearing or breaking it by pulling it excessively. Here’s how to do it correctly:

  1. Separate your hair into four main sections: front, back and two side sections.
  2. Divide each section, one at a time, into smaller locks. The ideal size depends on the density and length of the hair.
  3. Work on one strand at a time, untangling gently with your fingers. Start at the ends and work your way up. This ‘bottom-up’ approach allows you to untangle knots at the ends first and then work your way up progressively, avoiding further tangles.
2. Choosing a brush for curls

We say it often and we never tire of reminding ourselves: the fingers of the hands are the best allies for untangling curls. Sometimes, however, there may be cases where they alone are not enough.

With limited finger mobility and strength or with a very tight curl pattern that also tangles at the root, the use of brushes or combs helps to manage the most difficult knots.

However, in order not to damage the structure of curls, it is essential to always choose specific brushes and combs for curly hair, made of anti-static and anti-frizz material, such as: the Anti-Static Wood Comb, the Anti-Static Handle Comb, the Gentle Brush Detangler or the Rake Brush Detangler.

Again, we recommend following the correct procedure: divide the hair into sections and detangle them, one at a time, gently.

Brush with Silicone Cushion for curly hair

Brush with silicone cushion

Gentle Detangler Brush

Lightweight, gentle and ergonomic detangling brush. Untangles curls without tearing or breaking the hair.

Rake Brush Detangler

An ergonomic and flexible detangling brush, that untangles hair quickly and easly.

Antistatic Wooden Comb for curly hair

Antistatic wooden afro comb: detangles curls without breaking, pulling or stressing them.

Antistatic comb with handle for curly hair

Anti-static comb with handle: maximum detangling without frizz.

3. Use a technique to define curls

At this point the hair is perfectly detangled, all while respecting its delicate structure: there is no trace of knots or tangles! To complete the Curly Routine, there is still one step left: definition.

It’s time to make your hair shine by applying your favourite curly hair styling products. For impeccable and long-lasting results, we suggest you try one of these 4 techniques for defining curls: plopping, ditoliss, fitagem or pulsing.

So, as you will have understood, detangling curls is not an impossible task. On the contrary, it can become a real moment of pampering and personal care.

By following these steps – dividing your hair into strands, using the right tools and applying the best styling technique for you – you can say goodbye to tousled, frizzy, knotted hair and welcome beautiful, defined curls without ruining them during styling.