Carefully looking after your curly hair every day is the first beauty tip we can give you as Curly Experts.
To have a beautiful, fluffy, voluminous curly locks it is always necessary to pay a little extra attention, even when it might seem strange to do so!
To help you establish a night & day routine that enhances your curls every day, in this post we have gathered together the best techniques for taking care of curly hair, both before going to bed and when you wake up in the morning.

Keep reading this post to discover:

  • The I Love Riccio tips for preventing the annoying frizz effect;
  • How to look after curly hair in the morning;
  • How to reinvigorate dry curly hair in the morning;

A few simple but effective tips for a Curly Hair Refresh.

How to prevent frizz

You might not have noticed but during the night curly hair is subject to a lot of friction.
This is caused by the head turning and moving on the pillow or bed sheet and is a serious issue for our curly hair.
In fact, very often this repeated rubbing on the pillow can matt the hair and create a noticeable frizz effect, leaving us with a dishevelled head of knotty hair to deal with the following morning.

You can prevent this phenomenon and contain the frizz effect by taking a few simple measures that will enable you to say goodbye forever to the antistatic effect deriving from the rubbing of your hair on the pillow!

  1. Use satin or pure silk pillow slips
    Bed pillow slips are usually made of cotton, the most commonly used fabric for household linen. However, on the negative side cotton absorbs humidity, creating a particularly accentuated frizz effect in hair. Especially curly hair.
    To solve this problem and kiss goodbye to frizzy curly hair in the morning all you need to do is choose a pillowcase in satin or pure silk. You’ll be amazed by the results in the morning!Pineapple or
  2. Pineappling technique
    Taking its name from the shape of the fruit, this technique consists of creating a very high ponytail, tied with a soft elastic band near the forehead. In this way your curly hair will be gathered on the top of the head and stay protected during the night.
    To pineapple your hair, bend your head forward, apply a blob of curly hair frizz-control cream and gather your hair on the top of your head, close to the hairline. All of this without using any type of brush or comb.
    At this point it is time to hold your hair in place with a soft cotton or terry cloth elastic band, without tightening it too much to ensure your curls can “breathe”.
    In the morning, remove the elastic band, bend your head forwards again and, with your hands wide open, ruffle your hair slightly to restore its volume
How to look after curls in the morning

Our Night Routine tips for your curly hair will ensure your locks are more defined and disciplined in the morning.
At this point it is time to take care of your curly hair by following a Daily Routine that will keep it looking great all day long.

As curly hair experts, our first tip is to not manipulate your hair too much, avoiding touching it altogether if possible.
When talking about curly locks, the saying “less is more” is particularly true and this is why in addition to touching it as little as possible it is also advisable to avoid using too many products to revive it.

How to look after dry curls in the morning

If your curly hair is particularly dry, frizzy or tangled, in the morning you can dampen it with some water in order to facilitate the absorption of a specific hydrating product.

In the case of dry curly hair, our tip is to take particular care of it when washing.
In this way you will gradually help to restore the correct level of hydration of your hair, making it easier to manage its shape and volume in the morning.
Working on the hydration of your hair enables you to achieve more defined and easier to manage curls which won’t fall victim to the frizz effect.
To do this you can choose a kit of specific hydrating products for curly hair to use in all haircare phases, from washing to styling.
These kits contain specific products designed to bring out the natural beauty of curly hair and make it more beautiful every day.

Another trick is to use a specific mask for particularly fine curly hair, which often tends to be drier and tangle more easily.
Our Delight Milk is the perfect solution for this need. A specific wash-off mask for fine hair that adds moisturisation and volume without weighing down the hair.

A few tips for a Curly Hair Refresh

If you want to revive your curly hair try the Curly Hair Refresh, a great technique for breathing new life into your curls in the morning.
How many times have you woken up in the morning feeling that you need to wash your hair again? Thanks to the Curly Hair Refresh this feeling will be consigned to the past because you’ll be able to revive your splendid curls without having to wash them every day!

Here are our tips on the best way of carrying out a Curly Hair Refresh:

  1. Wet your hair without dampening it directly with water.
    It is best to use steam, such as the vapour created when having a shower, to achieve the right level of dampness.
    Now apply a moisturising product.
  2. If your hair is particularly thick, it is better to use water or a liquid product, spraying it on your hands first and then applying it to your hair. This will help to minimise the frizz effect.
  3. If a few curls have lost their definition, take a small quantity of the product and smooth over the locks. To finish, twist your curls around your finger to redefine their form and improve their volume.
  4. After hydrating, for additional hold and definition apply a small quantity of styler (mousse, cream, gel, lotion) to your hair.

Looking after your curly hair every day has never been so simple thanks to I Love Riccio’s tips for maximising the beauty of your curly hair!

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